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Dishwashing sponge commonly used at home, you just need to cut it with your little hands, washing dishes faster and easier, and many other uses. Come and learn.


Waterproof flower pots

When you have a friend's flower at home, sometimes it's easier to rot the roots when watering, you just need to put the sponge on the bottom of the flower pot and put the soil and plant.white eraser sponge

The sponge can help absorb water, and later when it rains heavily, too much water in the flower pot is not afraid of the plants easily drowned.

Clean bottom of the pot

There are a lot of smart flower pots will take a flower pot tray, we all know that the bottom of this flower pot may have such a hole for drainage, sometimes watering too much water flow out into the pot, mixed with the use of soil out of the muddy water to the bottom of the pot to become with a very dirty.

Just cut a roughly circular hole in the bottom of the planter using a common dish sponge used at home.

Then we poured the same water into the pot for comparison. The treated flowerpot not only flowed out less water, but also penetrated the water. In fact, the sponge plays the role of interception, which can effectively prevent soil erosion, and the drainage function will not be affected~.

Seed germination

You wouldn't think a sponge could be used in this way. When seeds germinate, they do so easily in a moist environment. Sprinkle small seeds on a damp sponge, cut a shallow plug to secure the larger seeds, and wait for germination ~


Quick Dishwashing

Usually dish sponges used at home are cut in half or two thirds down the center with scissors.

Then drip detergent, the incision can be just the right way is stuck in a plate already or the edge of the bowl, a hand pinch, a one-time wash the front and back, is not to save water and save time it ~!

Clean glass, blinds

Glass windows, blinds layer by layer friction up is very troublesome, can also be used to help wipe! Use a knife to cut a slit in the side of the sponge.

Use an iron clamp with a sponge under it.

Then use the sponge to wipe down the window or blinds, and the accumulated dust is easily removed.

Cleaning window cracks

In areas where dust tends to accumulate, such as window crevices, a rag won't get it off. Cutting a small sponge and sticking a chopstick or small stick into it to hold it in place can also make it easy to clean.

Cleaning electric fans

The mesh cover of the electric fan looks a clean, in fact, there is no gap between the government is very easy to accumulate dust. You just need to use yourself a piece of dishwashing sponge, cut it horizontally a few cuts, and then vertically a few cuts, pay attention not to cut off oh.

Cut off the mango like pulp.

Wet the sponge and you're ready to scrub. Leave no stone unturned in every dead corner of the internet cafe, and make sure your fan is as clean as new~!

Cleaning Water Pipes

The water pipes in your yard take a long time to grow moss. Tear off a layer of sponge and roll it into a cylinder. Insert it into one end of the pipe and attach it to the faucet.

Turn on the water and use the force of the water to wash the dirt out of the sponge and the pipe so that the pipe is cleaned up.

Deodorize the refrigerator

Pour some baking soda on the sponge and it becomes a deodorizer that is very simple and necessary.

Put it in the fridge to effectively remove odors from the fridge.

Soap Pad

Soap by the sink is slippery. Do you have the same trouble? When you use it, put it down and slide it into the sink. You don't have to buy a special soap caddy, putting a sponge in it is the perfect solution, and it absorbs water, so you're not afraid of the soap getting wet all the time.

The soap is too small to hold. Use a sponge to open a mouth and put the soap in.

After dipping in water and gently rubbing, you can easily lather up and continue to use, no waste at all.


Pin cushion

It is not easy to store all kinds of needles at home, and it is even more alarming if they fall on the floor accidentally and get stuck. If you use a sponge as a pin cushion, all kinds of sharp needles can be stored together, so you don't have to worry about them anymore.

Table and stool non-slip

At home under the chair feet chair feet are easy to slip, dragging when there is a harsh sound, but also easy to scratch the floor, this time to a few small square sponge cut down.

Glue the sponge pieces to the chair feet.

Flat, become very stable, and not afraid of the floor scratching Oh ~

Vases and other vessels at home can also use the same method to stick a layer of sponge on the bottom to protect.

Homemade nail removal box

Love beautiful girl is like at home through their own nail polish, uninstalled when we are very troublesome. In fact, a small sponge can help you! Find a small bottle, cut off a piece of sponge of the right size rolled up and stuffed into the bottle.

Pour in the nail remover and you have a simple nail remover.

Put your fingers in the bottle and turn a few times, so that the sponge on the nail remover cream full contact with the nails, nails are easy to become white again~!

Homemade Ice Packs

When it's hot outside and you want to bring a cold drink with you, soak it up with a sponge and put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge for a few hours.

Then put the ice pack with your drink so you can have a cold drink whenever you go out.

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