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1. When typing English documents

we need to pay attention to the use of upper and lower pdf conversion free If we start typing in lower case, we can use the shortcut key Shift + F3 to quickly convert, as follows.

PS: Here we all think that if the enterprise does not have to use the shortcut keys, you can also be realized in the [Start] - [Font] - [Change as well as Case].

2. This table has no border. Why are there lines

Sometimes for the sake of work, we need to remove the border of the table, but you will find that there are still dotted lines. What is this?

In fact, this is because you clicked "View Grid Lines" under the "Form Tools", so to remove, just cancel.

Let's take a look at the relevant operations.

3. how can you quickly extract the text of the picture

Extract text, there have been many articles have said, today Word sister here to introduce another rapid extraction techniques,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online is to use QQ to achieve. This advice is provided by our fans, thanks for sharing here!

first send the picture to a friend (it is impossible to send directly to my computer,convert word to pdf without losing formatting has been tested), and then long press the picture to see [Extract Image Text].

4. automatic numbering

Sometimes we will come across the Word table to enter numbers, then how to do it faster?

First, select the word form, and then click Start - Paragraph - Numbering. If the system has a corresponding symbol, we can directly select it. If there is no symbol, we can click to define a new number format, and then delete the decimal point behind the number.

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