Vacuum cleaners have grown in popularity in recent years, but according to the best vacuum for deep cleaning carpetsurvey, the penetration rate of vacuum cleaners in China is only about 11%, far less than the penetration rate of household appliances such as TV, refrigerator, and washing machine. In fact, vacuum cleaners are cleaning tools to upgrade electrical appliances, the general love of cleaning, and cleaning is a symbol of "hard work" "virtuous," many people are still accustomed to manual cleaning.

Is it necessary for the average family to have a vacuum cleaner?

I believe that as our lifestyles change and our standard of living improves, vacuum cleaners will become a necessity for the average family.

Vacuum cleaners are more efficient at cleaning.

The historical chicken feather duster and the broom, which are still used today, are traditional common cleaning tools, but with the use of a garbage shovel, encountering hair, dead ends, still require manual assistance, and, feather or plastic texture, not resistant to wear and tear, the service life is very short. A thorough cleaning is undoubtedly a burden if the house is too large.

Vacuum cleaners were developed to alleviate this burden. The smaller size of the vacuum cleaner, compared to the broom, can be operated by a single person, making it more convenient and labor-saving, eliminating the process of sweeping the dust collection, merging, can search the dust that is sucked, to achieve a more efficient cleaning process.

Cleaning a 200-square-foot home with brooms, large and small, takes about an hour; cleaning the same area with the suction power of a 22KPa Pusanik I9 handheld vacuum cleaner takes about 15 minutes. And when it comes to cleaning the corners of your home, you don't need to do anything because a new suction head makes it simple.

Not only that, but the round and long flat suction heads paired inside the POSANIK I9 vacuum cleaner clean up the bottom crevices of appliances and bookshelves at home; mattresses, sofas, curtains, and so on can be cleaned up with a mite brush to remove mites, dust that has settled inside, and so on.

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