They are all talking about business and engineering. I want to answer a scientific question, although no one will pay attention to science ... It's ironic that the science department of Polytechnic University has been marginalized.

The respondents discussed in detail the long-standing problems of PolyU, some of which were as follows:

Rigid professional course selection system

It is almost impossible to attend other professional courses above level 2(at least half of Level 1) . Featured alumni Hong Kong For example, in the computer science department, you don't have a class, even if there are places in other departments, even if this class doesn't have pre-college requirements, even if this class is just basic, pretty much lock in the major + Minor + some very low-level courses you can take.

I‘m totally stuck changing majors

It takes four years to choose a good major, and it is impossible to change your major now!

The grading system is not transparent enough

The final exam results of the school will not be made public. Some teachers don't even want to disclose the results of their regular minor exams, so they don't even know how they got C's in some classes.

Lesson comparison water

Unlike work-oriented majors like engineering and business, the application of science to research is silly. Many of the courses are not as extensive as the typical 985 courses on the mainland. Because of the lack of a solid theoretical foundation, few people are directly involved in the fields of science and engineering (of course, there are a lot of celebrities every year) . Even if you go straight to the Academy of Sciences, there are very few elite schools. Unlike in business, few people work directly out of science, so most are applying for masters degrees. If you want to be a scholar, don't come here. In terms of applying for master's degree, Poly Mainland's science and engineering students account for about 985 of the total number of middle school students in mainland China.

The corresponding advantages I can experience may be

Can enter the laboratory earlier

The Hong Kong laboratory is not a large laboratory on the mainland. The laboratory here is very small. You can even enter the lab in the first year with no relevant foundation, and the teacher will take the time to discuss the problem with you.

There are many international opportunities.

As other interviewees pointed out, polyu has many opportunities for international exchanges, such as information exchange for one semester and studying abroad during the summer vacation. The next department has the opportunity to study at Harvard during the summer vacation every year (except this year) . Exchange schools are good, which gives our students more access to the world's top education and research as well as the international academic and cultural atmosphere

The cultivation of academic language and thought

Although most adults do not like ELC courses, they have to admit that there are three or four ELCs that have built a solid sense of scientific thinking and language. Laboratory reports and other articles strictly require citations and scientific language, which many mainland universities do not. To some extent, it also cultivates students‘ good study habits

There are many other answers in life, I will add some when I have the chance.


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