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3C is the abbreviation for the three types of electronic products: computer, communication and consumer electronics. With the rapid development of the 3C electronics industry, 3C electronic products are developing in the direction of high integration and high precision,laserpecker compact laser engraver and their internal components are becoming more and more compact, and the degree of precision and electronic integration is also getting higher and higher. In the product development process, designers pursue the goal of making products lighter, thinner and more portable. In order to meet these needs, new materials and new processes continue to emerge, and laser technology is the representative of the rapid development of 3C product manufacturing process.

Since laser processing is characterized by a small heat-affected area, fine processing and fast processing speed, it can easily realize processes that cannot be achieved by traditional methods.laserpecker 11 Therefore, laser marking has been more and more widely used in the 3C industry. At present, the laser processing processes widely used within the 3C industry mainly include: laser marking, laser sun breaking, metal deep engraving and laser drilling. However, under the premise of precision processing, traditional printing, stamping and CNC processes can no longer meet the ever-increasing processing needs or effectively control production costs.

Program Advantages:


3C manufacturers, especially OEM/EMS manufacturers, are manufacturing companies that mainly rely on production volume to make profits. Therefore, they need a large number of equipments to meet the production demand. Currently, there are a large number of 3C manufacturers with more than 50 laser machines in mainland China. This requires equipment characterized by low failure maintenance frequency and low cost of use. In this regard, fiber laser has obvious advantages.

2. Process innovation and improvement

3C products are personalized and popular consumer goods. In order to attract consumers, manufacturers need to constantly innovate in terms of styling and functionality. Therefore, they have high expectations of laser processing in terms of product process improvement. Especially when it comes to precision machining, the requirements for optical quality are high. Only fiber lasers and end-pumped lasers are able to meet these requirements. In contrast, due to the fiber laser's wider range of applications, it has become the darling of the times.

3. Becoming mainstream

The application of laser processes in the 3C industry has changed from an optional process to a mainstream application now. This means that laser processing must run 24/7 like a CNC machine. Therefore, the quality requirements and popularity of the equipment are getting higher and higher. A large number of specialized OEMs for laser processing have even emerged. In order for the laser to become a mainstream application, it must be more versatile and process-oriented. In this regard, only fiber lasers have great potential application value.

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