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Cleaning every day is a very tough issue for the workforce. Work a day home, simply want to have a pleasant rest at home, but see the house full of dust collection, and want to clean but lazy, the floor once not cleaned in time, will become difficult to clean. Cleaning and maintaining cordless vacuum cleaner supplier the floor not only improves the appearance of the space, but it also extends the life of the floor. But the floor is filthy; don't simply mop it again to clean it! Different stains need different cleaning techniques! I've structured the following floor cleaning procedures to make it easier to remove typical floor stains while also protecting the floor.

Cleaning Techniques for Floors

1.A self-contained detergent may be used to clean the floor. In a big saucepan, combine the bleaching earth, soft soap, soda 450 grams each, and 2270 ml of water. Bring to a boil and reduce to half the original volume, then cool and store in a spare jar. Brush the stain on the floor with a firm brush and this liquid, generally brushing along the grain of the floor, and then wash with hot water and let it dry.

2.clean wood floors, the biggest taboo is directly wiping the floor with a wet mop, there are now a number of cleaners on the market for the development of wooden floors, can be used directly to clean the floor, without having to rinse, not only to keep the original texture of the floor and the natural original color, but also to prevent the floor from drying and cracking, and no odor, no sticky feeling after use, and no odor, no sticky feeling after use

3.sudsy water We wash our clothing with soap because it has a powerful capacity to remove filth and grease, and it may also be used to clean the floor. Dissolve the soap in warm water and mop the floor. You can eliminate the dirt on top of the floor while also restoring the shine of the floor, making it seem more tidy and brilliant. wood floors, first with a mop to remove dust from the floor's surface, and then, according to the cleaning agent's rationing instructions and the degree of dirtiness, dilute the right amount in a bucket of water and wet the mop, mopping from inside the room toward the door. However, try to wring the mop dry to avoid excessive moisture penetration into the wood floor lining, which can lead to mold and rot.

If you come across floor seams, corners, or other difficult-to-clean areas, you can brush them with an old toothbrush dipped in floor cleaner, or you can pour the cleaner on a rag and wipe the floor. However, the surfactant concentration in some floor cleaners is high, and the semi-wet ground is more likely to be dusty after mopping. As a result, it is advisable to use a high-quality floor cleaning product.

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