Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods will be replaced? Face recognition, fingerprint identification payment methods, who is

Nowadays, most Chinese people's payment methods are Alipay and WeChat, and indeed everyone's payment methods have been changing unknowingly for so many years. Think about the development trend of Alibaba and other Internet companies, as if a matter of a moment chinese payment system, in the popularization of cell phone payment today, whether there is another very likely, is some years later, the payment method will continue to appear a certain change, it is likely that the future payment method will be more and more convenient and fast? The answer is obvious, there must be, and Ma Yun has also long speculated that way in the past.

A brief history of the metamorphosis of Alipay time, in 2004, Alibaba in order to better make the sale more quickly and conveniently, released a new upgraded online payment special tool, which is the predecessor of Alipay: guaranteed transactions. A young man from Xi'an was the first person to use secured transactions, wanting to buy a camera sold by a student from Japan. The whole process was complicated, so the guy regretted after submitting the order and was worried about the money loss, so he applied for a refund, but that was the customer of the secured transaction, who kept giving the guy self-confidence, and finally this online customer service took out a month's salary as a deposit before the guy didn't return the money.

Then the goods successfully arrived at the Chinese customs, the customs staff thought that the guy was indeed cheated, in fact, just the opposite, the guy obtained the camera, which is also the first successful order information in the history of Alipay. Subsequently the guaranteed transaction was renamed Alipay, which was also the opening of the third-party cell phone payment period. Then WeChat also gradually released qq wallet gradually payment, in the third quarter of 2019, Alipay accounted for 53.58% of the cell phone payment market share, qq wallet's slag ratio of 39.53%, in other words, Alipay and qq wallet most of the monopoly of the entire sales market.

At this stage, the third-party cell phone payment has long been thoroughly popularized, but when a commodity is more and more widely used, replacing the goods will happen one after another, and Ma Yun also in the course of 2015 has long indicated that the two-dimensional code payment method will certainly be replaced. So what are the three methods that will most likely replace these two payment methods? The first is the brush face payment, this payment method, Ma Yun in Germany in an exhibition personally demonstrative, brush face payment is relatively more senior, and do not have to bring the phone on it, at this stage to see this type of payment method is by a certain disruptive innovation, we see today some shopping malls on the self-service clearing equipment should have this kind of role.

The second payment method is the sensorless payment, this type of payment method key application in areas such as highways and underground parking lots, is the car according to the highway highway toll station is, immediately after the scanner can be based on the payment of spending will be presented in the third-party platform. Eventually is the WeChat fingerprint payment, because everyone's fingerprint identification every month is simply not the same, so there will be a huge fingerprint identification database query, this kind of payment method will be more secure, but this kind of payment method or can not get rid of the two-dimensional code, so relatively speaking, the actual meaning is not very big, but the security factor will be higher.

Two-dimensional code payment is not easy to be so quickly outdated, but we can expect is that the payment method will certainly be a certain change, after all, two-dimensional code payment has long been mostly kept thoroughly popular, and relative to the face payment and other payment methods, and will become more complicated, so the future payment method is going to change, see Ma Yun's speculation to be completed again.


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