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Intel's market value evaporates 290 billion overnight, Samsung TSMC is about to wake up

July 28th, according to Sina Technology News, thanks to the good news that Intel Group plans to outsource more chip manufacturing operations, Samsung Electronics' stock price and the company's biggest competitor TSMC's stock price rose sharply on Tuesday. Samsung Electronics' stock price rose by 5.8% at one point, the highest level in five months, and is expected to close for the third consecutive trading day. TSMC's stock price also rose significantly on Tuesday, rising 5% again after setting a new high on Monday.

As of Tuesday, TSMC’s market capitalization was NT$11.66 trillion (approximately US$398 billion) and Samsung’s market capitalization was 369.18 trillion won (approximately US$310 billion). Samsung Electronics announced last year that it plans to invest 133 trillion won (US$111.43 billion) in non-memory chips by 2030, or it will become a competitor to TSMC in the chip contract manufacturing business.


Intel recently said that the company's latest 7-nanometer chip technology progress is six months behind the original plan, and the company is considering outsourcing more work to other semiconductor foundries. Intel also said that its chief engineering officer has resigned.

Intel has an unparalleled world position in the electronics industry around the world. Everyone knows this super giant Intel. What should we think of Intel’s announcement of chip outsourcing manufacturing? What impact will this have on the entire chip industry?

First of all, Intel has always been an important participant in the global chip industry, so the chips produced by Intel have always been an indispensable part of the entire world chip industry. In this case, for the entire chip industry, Intel It is not only an established giant, but also an important leader in the entire market, so. Many chip giants actually depend on Intel’s influence on chip development. Although the world’s most famous in the field of chip foundry are Samsung and China’s TSMC, Intel’s influence need not be said. . The world’s major chip giants actually regard Intel as an important participant and competitor in the entire market. This is also true. The entire world’s chip industry also values ​​Intel’s future development.

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Secondly, we see that the recent years are undoubtedly unfavorable for Intel. Intel has encountered huge problems in the advancement of advanced processor manufacturing processes. Intel recently. The published financial report shows that the progress of the seven-nanometer manufacturing is seriously behind, and the original planned 6-month product launch will be delayed by at least one year. Therefore, Intel’s famous competitor AMD has launched a smaller one. chip. AMD’s chips are made by TSMC’s foundry and TSMC’s chips are actually ahead of the competition. Intel’s TSMC’s 5-nanometer chips will be available this fall, while three-nanometer chips will be available before the fall of 2022. Production, if all of this is completed, this directly means that Intel is at least two generations behind TSMC in terms of chip technology.

Third, from the perspective of market competition, we have always known that Intel and AMD are rivals. For Intel, the original AMD is undoubtedly only a competitor cultivated for itself in the strategy of raising a wolf, but AMD Through chip foundry, it has truly grown into a competitor of Intel. This also allows Intel to see that instead of doing it on its own, it is better to hurry up the necessity of foundry. In fact, this is often the case. For the entire world industry chain, it is undoubtedly the most correct to leave professional things to professional people. An option. If we only proceed from the perspective of commercial interests, Intel will undoubtedly face tremendous pressure to make chips by itself, but if these are handed over to foundry companies, it can completely market the entire market. The energy is more concentrated on the key links of the market, instead of consuming too much energy on the chip, so we see that Intel finally chooses to abandon itself, the development of chips will undoubtedly be a high probability event, and in this regard, Intel’s choice of foundry The manufacturer is likely to be Samsung or TSMC. This is why Intel is crying, and Samsung and TSMC are probably laughing.

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