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What is gateway payment, account payment, mobile payment?

1. Gateway payment

It is the interface between the bank's financial network system and the Internet. It is a set of server equipment operated by the bank to convert the data transmitted on the Internet into the internal data of the financial institution, or the designated third party to process the merchant's payment information and the customer's payment instructions. .

payment gateways ensure that transactions are passed between Internet users and transaction processors securely and seamlessly, without modification to the original host system.

It handles all Internet payment protocols, credit card payment gateway,Internet-specific security protocols, transaction exchanges, conversion of messages and protocols, and local authorization and settlement processing.

In addition, it can also meet the requirements of a specific transaction information processing technology system through settings at the same time. Without the payment gateway, the e-commerce payment function of the network development bank cannot be realized.

2. Mobile payment

payments are made or confirmed via regular mobile or smartphone rather than cash, check or bank card. Buyers can use their mobile phones to purchase a range of services, digital products or physical goods.

3. Account payment

It refers to a commercial bank currency settlement work method that does not directly use corporate cash, but can transfer money from the payment account to the receiving account through the bank to complete currency collection and payment. With the development of the banking industry, it is gradually developed. When the amount of settlement is large and the spatial distance is large, the transfer settlement method can be used to be safer and faster.

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