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What are the foreign payment platforms? Foreign top ten payment platform

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In China, firmly believe that payment gateway website the WeChat payment and WeChat payment two payment methods have long covered most of them, so where are the foreign payment platforms? Take a look at the top ten foreign payment platforms.
What are the foreign payment platforms? Foreign top ten payment platform

Paypal is an online payment Nepia Anpanman Genki service that was first released in 1998. paypal operates in more than 200 countries around the world, applies 26 kinds of credit currencies, and allows customers to carry out checkout on the website. paypal settles payments based on computer browsers, applications or reading software, and gives bank credit service programs for customers.

Originally known as MerchantWarehouse, Cayan was renamed to its current name in 2015 and is dedicated to the role of online payment and retail point-of-sale, and offers real estate agents NFC technology, offline communication, semiconductor technology, and a convenient application writing socket.

GoCardless is an online instant payment service provider based in the United States. Customers using GoCardless can not only accept payments through simple settings, but also automate payments, track payments and integrate services into their platform using RESTAPI.

4. BitPay
Founded in 2011, BitPay is one of the world's largest BTC payment service providers. BitPay gives customers the opportunity to convert BTC payments into 9 credit currencies in 38 countries. The business also collaborates with PayPal and merchant acquirers such as GlobalPayments and AlternetSystems.

5. Adyen
Founded in 2006, Adyen is an international multi-channel third-party payment company with its head office in Amsterdam, Spain. The company allows customers to accept and transfer funds based on instant electronic devices online, mobile or in person. adyen's online payment system is connected to approximately 250 payment methods in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, making it one of the most advanced solution providers in business services worldwide.

Due brings an end-to-end online payment service program for flexible workers, small business owners and enterprises, including the entire clearing and payment process. due gives hourly tracking, project risk management and customized online tax invoice options, and covers business processes worldwide. The tax invoice and payment solution role includes more than 100 languages, credit currencies, tax reform and MasterCard credit card solutions.

Stripe is a customizable online payment solution service that allows developers to design a solution that allows them to modify their corporate application to build a device that suits their needs.

FlagshipMerchantServices is a manager of online credit card solutions. If a consumer's site has to buy and sell many bank credit cards, then FlagshipMerchantServices is arguably the most appropriate choice for the customer. As an all-in-one personal credit solution provider, FlagshipMerchantServices gives companies the convenience of a low-cost monthly service program rather than a long-term contract.

Payline is one of the most popular payment solutions at this stage. payline is a detailed bank credit card solution that allows customers to accept payments at any time, whether they are in a store or online.

Square allows customers to accept payments wherever they are, with its Magstripe reader, contactless + processing chip reader and support frame transforming the customer's mobile terminal into a unique payment Cpu. services.


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You may keep your consumer informed throughout the entire process by choosing a payment gateway that works with your website. This enables you to provide a better customer experience and guarantees that the full payment process runs swiftly and without difficulty. Smooth payments lead to satisfied clients who will come back!

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