Can I pay online with my bank credit card? Can I make online purchases with my bank credit card?

Bank credit card can be paid online, credit card gateway first you must bring reasonable identity documents to the bank counter of the bank you declared to open the SMS login password or certificate verification version of personal Internet banking, after opening, according to the "initial login" set the relevant information and login SMS login password or certificate verification version of personal Internet banking. Later, open your online payment function in the menu bar of "Business Process Function Opening" under "Customer Service", and set up different information such as payment account, online payment login password, and verification information. After the settings are made, you can login to the online shopping site to purchase your favorite products.

Bank credit card online payment FAQ.

1. Determine the organization your bank bitmain antminer s19 pro cena credit card is affiliated with. Although the scope of Bank of China credit card online payment has been expanding, there are limitations to the types of credit cards that are generally applicable to online payment sites.
2. Define your payment management authority. Some financial institutions (such as ICBC) have set limits on the maximum amount of each online payment for ordinary users, such as not exceeding 1,500 yuan. Even the same type of bank credit card from the same financial institution can have different amounts because of the different methods of determining the security of the sale installed by the consumer. Therefore, when opening the role of online payment, be clear whether your account bank has a limit on the amount of each payment, in order to prevent the successful transaction.
3. Pay attention to the security of network information. The most important thing is to keep your network information safe when you make online payments.
First of all, make sure that your credit card login password is not leaked. The final signature on the reverse side of your bank credit card comes with a three-digit CVI login password. As long as you know this login password and bank card number, online payment can be made. Therefore, after getting your own bank card, it is best to memorize these three data and then cross them out from the reverse side of your bank credit card.
Secondly, before applying online payment, to ensure the security factor of the commonly used computer, must be in no sense seven on the virus infection or Trojan horse virus computer actual operation, to prevent the login password was stolen by others; also do not apply online payment role in the computer of the published venue such as the Internet cafe.

Can bank credit cards be used for online shopping?

Bank credit cards can be online shopping,iot wifi module you can carry out online shopping according to the APP supplied by the credit card bank, you can also associate the third-party payment platform to carry out online shopping, such as Alipay payment, WeChat payment, etc.
1, the bank credit card is divided into credit card and quasi credit card, credit card is the user has a certain credit limit, can be within the credit limit first shopping and then pay back the bank credit card. The quasi-credit card is the user is required to deposit a certain amount of provision, when the reserve balance is not enough to pay, can be in the standard credit line within the overdraft quasi-credit card. The often said bank credit card, generally refers to the credit card alone.
2, some bank credit cards must users open online payment role, not the same bank credit card open form is also different; also some bank cards have online payment limit, so be sure to clarify their own credit card spending limit. Bank credit card online payment in bringing people convenient and also lurked many security risks, so in the card consumption must protect private information to prevent theft by criminals to apply; at the same time, in the application of online payment, to ensure that commonly used computer and online security factor.
The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot of money from the internet, and you'll be able to enjoy the pleasure of spending without having to leave your home. It is difficult for all card issuers and financial institutions to review each and every one of the tens of thousands of online shopping mall systems. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to identify and choose the online shopping sites in the world with care, and choose a reliable online shopping mall system as much as possible.


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