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I: What is international credit card collections?

International development credit card collections usually refers to corporate online credit card payment gatewayinternational credit card online network payments, which are generally used for small collections of less than US$1,000 in China's foreign trade. It is more suitable for online store retailing:The main industries through are apparel, electronic technology products, virtual reality games and ticket booking.

Currently, international credit card collections are achieved through payment cnc machined aluminumchannels provided by third-party credit card payment companies. The payment gateway model (similar to online banking payments) can refuse payments. It can protect the interests of consumers, and foreigners prefer to use it. If you want to do the European and American markets, almost every European and American people have credit cards, online shopping is developed, credit card collection is essential

Second: What are the advantages of credit cards?

1. Convenient, customers only need to have a credit card to complete the online payment.

2. security, we are with domestic enterprises with acquiring qualification of Whatsminer M31S+the bank can be economic cooperation, belong to their own payment gateway to the bank gateway online payment management mode, customer payment more secure.

3. simple, sellers only need to provide domestic savings account to complete the collection, the funds will be automatically bound to your domestic bank account, no need to settle foreign exchange.

The market is vast, regardless of the region and country, as long as the use of credit card payment is direct payment, business can be done all over the world.

3: What is the payment process like?

1, when the seller's website to determine access to the Internet payment gateway, consumers only need a normal work to choose a good product, add to the shopping cart can be.

2、After clicking "Pay", fill in the relevant information of the cardholder (such as card number, CVV, expiration date, address, email, etc.), and submit the payment after confirming it is correct.

3, after the feedback payment results, consumers will receive relevant e-mail notifications, such as: so-and-so so-and-so time in so-and-so site to buy so-and-so products.

4. Sellers should focus on the independent payment background, the above information at a glance. If the order status shows successful payment, you can arrange delivery.


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