Hong Kong local cell phone Internet Plan price, cheap or not?

After the current waves of the epidemic, many people are isolated at home, or isolated in the hotel can not go out, such a situation, the cell phone has become a weekday accompanied by the longest tool, but in Hong Kong's partners, may be for the Internet package to worry about, after all, the communication between the Mainland and Hong Kong there are differences. The price of the cell phone Internet Plan is not cheap, so in Hong Kong, how much is the price of the cell phone Internet Plan?

Cell Phone Plan Package Prices

Hong Kong and the same as the mainland, there are a number of communications carriers, they will generally introduce more cost-effective cell phone Internet Plan package, especially during the epidemic, these package prices will be cheaper than usual, to a carrier, for example, the package price of only $ 78 per month, you can enjoy unlimited Internet access, which is very suitable for frequent travel to and from Hong Kong to talk about business projects of the people, and this is a very cost-effective price! In Hong Kong, where prices are high, the price is still very fair, and you can enjoy fast Internet service for $78. In addition, even if the traffic limit is exceeded, it is only a speed limitation problem, and will not affect the continued use. Therefore, it is very convenient for your daily use.

The necessity of cell phone Internet Plan query

Many people usually go out, there is no wireless network can be used, the Internet can only rely on their own network traffic, just a simple Internet is fine, if you watch a video, or video calls with friends, the traffic may accidentally spend more than, in this case, you need to check in a timely manner.

How to check your cell phone's internet plan

The query method of the Internet Plan should be determined according to the operator of your cell phone card, for example, if you are using Unicom's phone card, then you need to follow the query method of Unicom's business office to check, and the same applies to other operators, but generally the query method of the cell phone Internet Plan of these operators is relatively simple, and you can either call directly or send a text message to the specific account number. The same applies to mobile phone service providers.

Whether in the Mainland or in Hong Kong, Internet Plan is very important to people with cell phones, so it is important to be clear about the price of your cell phone Internet Plan package and how much data is included in it, so that you can have a better idea of what you are getting when you go online, and you won't have to spend more than you need to and then feel a pain in your wallet.



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