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Hong Kong Work Visa Categories and How to Choose

There are many different types of Hong Kong visas

Nowadays, many mainland users are concerned about the Hong Kong work visa, as long as you get the appropriate visa, it will be more convenient to work and conduct business activities in Hong Kong. Because there are more types of visas in Hong Kong, it is important to understand which Hong Kong visas are suitable for work before applying for them, and then choose the appropriate channels and methods of application as appropriate.

Business visa not exceeding 7 days

When it comes to Hong Kong work visa, many users will think of business visa, which is more common in Hong Kong visa. Business visa processing requirements are already in the enterprise organization on file for employees to apply for an endorsement once every three months or three months to apply for multiple visas and one year to apply for an endorsement, if it is an individual industrial and commercial enterprises will have to apply for an endorsement once every three months and this kind of visa can only be in Hong Kong for seven days each time, so it is suitable for business trips to the situation in Hong Kong, if it is a long-term job, it is not very suitable.

Visa for Staying in Hong Kong for Study and Employment

Many users intend to apply for a Hong Kong work visa, in fact, in order to work in Hong Kong all the time, so you can choose to apply for a stay visa. For Hong Kong stay visa processing requirements are relatively high, this visa is issued by the state agencies through Hong Kong organizations to study and work in Hong Kong and residence and training personnel, need to have the national requirements before applying for processing, often choose to study in Hong Kong if the processing speed is faster, this type of visa can be the first time after the first time to reside in Hong Kong for two years, and for the first time to Hong Kong for the first time to study in Hong Kong can be resided in Hong Kong for one year, the first time to apply for the first time. If you want your family members to come to Hong Kong with you, you can apply for a stay visa together with the relevant departments, and the requirements for relatives are one spouse and one child under 18 years of age.

Discretionary Choice of Processing Channels

Just introduced are two common types of Hong Kong work visa, and if you intend to apply for a tourist visa, although the threshold is low, but not suitable for long-term work and residence in Hong Kong, so it is recommended that the user according to their own needs and circumstances to choose the appropriate type of visa, and then choose a good reputation for the agent to do, so that the processing efficiency is higher.

Attention to the renewal of Hong Kong visa

Considering the increase in the number of Hong Kong work visa users in recent years, we would like to add that even if you appoint an agent to apply for your visa, you still need to understand the relevant requirements, especially pay attention to completing the renewal of your visa on time.

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