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Deciphering the basic principle of 3D printing out of forming, processing process details and main uses

In simple terms, 3D printing out means mtr hkthat according to the 3D copier that can "print out" the real object, the selection of segment production processing, iterative forming method step by step to enhance the raw material to finally produce and manufacture a three-dimensional entity. To put it in a slightly more technical and professional way, the cell phone software is based on computer collaborative design technology to cut a series of data into slices, and the data cut into slices will be transferred to the 3D copier, and the 3D printer will use raw materials to continue the thin aspect of the cascade down until a solid object is formed, so the industrial production is also called rapid prototyping technology, 3D copier is also called rapid prototyping machine. Because the actual type of cascade has a variety, thus causing a variety of 3D printing out of the processing process, each processing process can print out of the material types are not the same, such as commonly used SLA (laser dry solid photosensitive resin forming), FDM (melting pressure extrusion deposition forming), 3DP (three-dimensional paint bonding forming), SLS (selectable laser beam calcination forming), Ployjet (inkjet printer forming), etc. "These five popular 3D printing out of the processing process everyone here is to have the machine equipment" Beijing on the top of the technology limited company marketing director Mr. Shao Lao pointed to a row of equipment said, "at this stage 3D printing out of the printable raw materials specifically cooked gypsum, polyester, abs plastic, pc Epoxy resin, metal materials, porcelain, etc., 3D printing out of the use of such raw materials are all for 3D printing out and the development of a new material, not the general meaning of cooked gypsum, plastic, epoxy resin, and the shape of raw materials generally have powder, flocculent, liquid form."

3D printing out processing process detailed description

FDM mobile mine(FusedDepositionModeling)
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The key to the FDM process is to maintain the semi-fluid forming material just above the melting point (usually manipulated at 1°C above the melting point.) The FDM nozzle is manipulated by CAD hierarchical data information so that the semi-fluid condition of the fused material (wire aperture generally above 1.5mm) is squeezed out of the nozzle and condensed to produce a corridor-like lamination. Each layer thin thickness range in 0.025 ~ 0.762mm, an overlapping layer eventually produce all parts solid model.

FDM process application of 3d molding raw materials: thermosetting raw materials, such as ABS, PC, PLA, etc., to line feed
Precision: 0.025 ~ 0.762mm
System software construction principle and easy to use
Low cost of maintenance and safety of system software operation
Can be used immediately for lost wax casting
Can form parts of random complexity
Easy removal of support points, no chemical water treatment


How does MTR function?

Similar to traceroute, MTR finds the network path and then periodically sends packets to continue gathering data and provide an updated picture of the network's health and speed.

Is molding an improvement over 3D printing?

Small-batch, complicated products that may need frequent design modifications or customizing are better suited for 3D printing. On the other hand, injection molding is preferable for the mass production of simpler items that have successfully completed the design phase.

How many years has Mobile Mini been in operation?

World Leader in Secure, Portable Storage For more than 35 years, Mobile Mini Solutions has strived to offer consumers top-notch goods and services. The significant anniversaries of our beginning in 1983 are listed below.

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