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Human Resources Director position Summary: planning, directing and coordinating the company's human resources management and organizational construction, maximizing the development of human resources and promoting the achievement of the company's business goals and long-term development hrms hk.

What do you do】:Comprehensively plan the company's human resource strategy; establish and improve the human resource management system, research and design the human resource management model (including recruitment, performance, training, compensation and staff development and other systems of comprehensive construction), develop and improve the human resource management system. provide the company's senior decision makers with HR strategy and organization construction suggestions, improve the overall management level of the company, and shape, maintain, develop and disseminate the corporate culture.

Organize and formulate various plans for the development of the company's corporate human resource management and supervise the implementation of the work plans. Make career planning and design for the managers of the company at director level and above. (5) Deal with major human resource issues in the process of company management in a timely manner; (6) Complete all work tasks temporarily assigned by the general manager.

Human resources as an emerging profession, is to meet the needs of the knowledge society, has a broad vision, human resources, especially senior human resources management staff is a scarce resource. HR director is a very promising career, with an annual salary of more than 300,000 yuan, comfortable working environment and generous treatment, but the work is more stressful.

Bachelor's degree or above in human resources, management or related majors. Trained in strategic management, strategic human resource management, organizational change management, management capability development, etc. More than 8 years of relevant research work life experience, more than 3 years of corporate HR director or HR manager work development experience. Have a systematic understanding and practical experience accumulation of modern enterprise HRM model, and have a deep understanding of all functional modules of HRM, and be able to guide the work of each functional module.

Have modern HR management concept and solid theoretical foundation. Familiar with national, regional and corporate laws and regulations on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance and welfare, training, etc. Familiar with office software and related personnel management software. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Ability to think strategically and strategically and to build and integrate different work management teams; ability to solve a complex environmental problem by yourself and strong planning and implementation skills.

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