How to eat shabu-shabu

When eating hot pot in the store, customers usually add their own ingredients. For the convenience of friends who come to the store for the first time, let's introduce how to eat shabu-shabu.

1. Hot soup

First, hot soup. Heat the soup after the fire, being careful not to overheat and boil.

2. Use chopsticks to pick up the meat slices and rinse them

put the meat slices in the soup over the fire. For beef shabu-shabu, the trick in this step is to use chopsticks to pick up the meat and scald the food.

Hold the meat with chopsticks and gently shake it back and forth in the soup. This step is called Beef Shabu(牛熊市), which is the origin of the name of this dish. pay attention to the time of rinsing the meat, so as not to be too hot.

3. Dip in the sauce and enjoy

The usual ingredients are grapefruit vinegar and tahini. However, the seasoning is not strictly regulated. Many shops will also provide a variety of special sauces, so that our customers can taste different levels of flavors.


When you add vegetables to the pot, just add them to the point where you can shabu the meat. After heating, just pick it up and eat at the time you like. Be careful not to use it all at once, add it while eating.

In addition, when meat is added to the soup, foam will be produced that floats on the surface of the soup. please remember to remove the foam and continue to enjoy it to keep the soup delicious and clear. Especially when the beef is boiling, there is a lot of foam, so please pay special attention to it.

I usually like to buy the greens first, because it occupies a large area and is easy to cook. After that, after the greens are left to learn, we'd better put beef balls, etc., which are not easy to cook. If the vegetables are ripe, you can fish them out.

If you want to dip it, we can do it too. Dip the vegetables in the sesame sauce. Simply put, just mix and analyze Chinese soy sauce, vinegar, and chili. Add coriander and green onions as you like according to your personal information. Chongqing people also like to add some sesame oil by themselves. If you prefer a thicker sauce, you can put peanut butter, fermented bean curd and oyster sauce.


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