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The contents of the baby's "physical damage" are listed in thecleaning mop manufacturer following inventory.

First, consider the model of clothing with buttons.

The micturition period is an instinctive stage soon after the baby's birth, in which theMoschino Kids HK baby will use the mouth to explore the surroundings, the essence of which is to distinguish what can and cannot be eaten, we look at the family's children, is not everything to the mouth. As a result, when shopping for clothes, try to avoid clothes with buttons to avoid shedding, being accidentally eaten by the baby, or choking into the throat, which could be dangerous.

Second, consider the zipper model.

The texture of the zipper, whether metal or plastic, is relatively hard, close to wear, and it is easy to rub with the skin of the bag, causing redness, if it is improperly operated, and even cut the baby's skin.

Third, excessive heat

The weather is getting cooler, and many moms and dads are afraid that the baby will be frozenwhisky course cold cold, so the baby wears a variety of hats, scarves, gloves, and so on, if it is not too cold, because heat rash, or even heat stroke, can easily cover the baby.

However, many babies are sick and feverish, which are not caused by colds, but we often say "growth fever," also known as "burn long," because when the baby comes into contact with the outside world, the immune system gradually adapts to the external environment, causing fever, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

As a result, the old adage "to want the child safe, long with three hunger and cold" actually refers to allowing the baby's body to make adjustments to improve immunity.

The above is all, when the baby grows up, it is not necessary to keep many clothes, to do a memorial can be, but too much clothing will become a burden in life, we can recycle off, also considered an environmental protection!


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