Buying and selling links: refers to buying a large number of external links in a short period of time. In order to rank and buy and sell links, search engines are very disgusted and clearly oppose this behavior.

How search engines identify buying and selling links;

1. The link is relevant to the main content of the website and whether it is relevant

Buying and selling links provides a large number of external links to the website in a short period of time, often ignoring the relevance of the seo course singapore If the external links that exist on the site have nothing to do with the site, then such links will not be of much help to the site, but will affect the search engine's evaluation of the site.

2. Where the link appears

Buy and sell links are typically placed in the footer and left and right navigation bars of your website,google seo optimization guide or in the sponsors or advertisers section.

3. Explore other link relationships through the buying and selling link platform

Websites that sell links usually sell links to many websites. If you mine a website that sells links,seo agency singapore you can find more websites that can buy and sell links through link relationships.

4. Link instability

The sudden appearance and disappearance of links is most commonly caused by buying and selling links. If the system of the website that bought the link cannot receive the payment, it will automatically cancel the link.

What should you do when buying and selling links that are not for ranking purposes?

Links should be positioned to avoid all footer buildup.

The source of links is diverse. The external links of a website are all pages with high PR value, which will appear very unnatural. The distribution is reasonable and the good ones are ordinary.

There are two types of diversification of link forms: first, the diversity of external link publishing platforms. When publishing external links, we must find multiple external link platform resources. Only a single platform will be judged as cheating by search engines; second, The diversity of external links is not only a single plain text URL external link, but also a variety of external link forms such as anchor text and hyperlinks.

Buying and selling links privately, creating junk external links and junk main content, although we can obtain a lot of data traffic for website information in a short period of time, it will do great harm to the image of the company in the long run, so try to avoid link buying and selling.

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