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With the emergence of child safety hazards, the state has promulgated three Childrens Sweatersnew national standards for children's clothing, children's furniture, child safety seats and other children's products. Child-related products must meet the requirements. Among them, clothing as the easiest category to stimulate parents to buy, often relying on its appearance in order to create a wave of sales. But for babies, the first condition of clothes should be safe and comfortable, parents must pay attention to these six choices!

1, look closely at the clothing label

Clothing labels are the most important tool to understand the safety information of clothing. Mom buy baby clothes, be sure to pay attention to the clothing label whether there are "baby products, a, gb18401-2010" and other words.

2, a closer look at the appearance of clothing

Look at the main surface part to see if there are obvious defects in the weave, the main seam part of the color difference and cracks. Pay special attention to the solidity of various buttons or decorative pieces to prevent children from easily tearing off and accidentally taking away. Whether the collar, flat head, bag cover, lapel and other surface parts with sticky lining have deglossing, blistering and glue seepage.

3、Check whether the sewing is qualified

Whether the sewing line design of each main part is straight, whether the stitching is flat, and whether the symmetrical parts are consistent. The left and right parts of the garment can be brought together to check whether the symmetrical parts can be accurate.

4, smell the smell of clothes

Whether there is a particularly strong odor on children's clothing (similar to the smell of urban furniture), open the outer bag or carefully identify, if the clothing formaldehyde exceeds the standard, there will be a pungent smell. There are also some clothes have a smell similar to motor oil, all indicate that the clothes are contaminated, do not buy.

5, touch the fabric of the clothes

The best choice of cotton fabric, easy to wear, clothes comfortable. Infant clothing is best to use moisture-absorbent, wash-resistant cotton fabrics, clothing styles to be comfortable and well-fitting, simple and bright. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes to avoid heat and sweating.

6. Do not choose clothes that are too dark in color.

It is best not to choose printed with three-dimensional teaching effect for the pattern, the color is too dark clothes. Because these patterns in the coating agent, adhesive is difficult to get to ensure that the economic composition of information security. After all, we for the development of our children, clothes beautiful fashion is not the most important, safe environment comfort is the first. Baby's clothes try to choose different colors light, non-fluorescent components of the clothes.

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