Japanese housewives have 10 efficient ways to avoid unnecessary household consumption

Japanese housewives put forward that in order to be cost-effective, the key is to control expenditure from two projects:

1. Meals

No waste is the first step to save! Don't Moschino Kids HK store too much food, or it will be more consumed after the shelf life.

2. Water and electricity expenses

For machines that need water and electricity, we should consciously prevent frequent cleaning. For example, washing machines and dishwashers should be cleaned at one time.

From these three major projects, we have sorted out the cost-effective domestic practices, so that everyone can follow!

Save food expenses

1. Efficient management of food

Good food management can save food expenses. Before purchasing, it is advisable to take photos to determine the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator at home to prevent excessive purchase or omission, and even list the purchase details of the ingredients when there is spare time.

2. Reduce procurement frequency and prevent additional expenditure

As long as you go shopping, you can't help buying a variety of food. It is proposed to purchase only once a week, and reduce the frequency of shopping to avoid the temptation, in order to avoid purchasing materials that are not in the plan.

3. Prepare food first and do not waste

The use of preparing food in advance during the holiday, and doing a good job of cleaning, repacking or adding marinade can not only reduce the housework on weekdays, but also check the condiments in the refrigerator to ensure that the food is not wasted.

4. The prepackaged food is pasted with the preparation time

Keep in mind that food should be "first in, first out". You may as well paste the preparation time in the fresh-keeping box, which can not only determine the freshness of the food, but also prevent cleaning the refrigerator later, saving time and money.

Save water and electricity

5. Clean the refrigerator on time

Once the refrigerator is filled with best electric mop for laminate floors too many things, the internal can not reach the set freezing or freezing temperature, and instead consumes more power. The Japanese housewife suggested that the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly to make the air conditioner circulate effectively.

6. Reduce frequent use of dishwasher

Dishwasher is the favorite of housewives, making housework easier. Many people like it to save labor and water. But in fact, the dishwasher also needs to use electricity to dry. If there are a small number of dishes, it is better to clean them at will or in a centralized way to reduce the frequency of using the dishwasher.

7. Wash all clothes at once

The washing machine consumes a lot of water. Even if you only wash a little clothes, the total time of running water will increase your water consumption. Japanese housewives suggest that they should wash their clothes as soon as possible. If they are afraid of color crossovers, they can add anti-color crossovers to effectively avoid them.

8. Don't dry it if it can be dried

It has to be said that the clothes dryer is really convenient, but the comfortable feeling of drying clothes according to the sun is also irreplaceable. When there is spare power, try to replace drying with clothes to save electricity effectively.

9. Reuse of water source

The remaining boiled water after bathing is the best resource to use. It can be used to clean the toilet and floor, and water the flowers, sohong kong universities ranking that the resources can be reused without waste.

10. Use a good cleaning solution

You must have used some dishwashing liquid, bath milk or cleaning liquid, and need to invest more washing time. It is suggested to use better washing tools to effectively save water.


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