Metabolic abnormalities in the body cause four kinds of diseases, take them seriously

metabolic disorder are common in clinical settings, and diabetes is a common metabolic disease.

The pathogenesis is complex, and once a metabolic disorder occurs, it is very difficult to recover.

Most of them require long-term medication to maintain, and chronic diseases require slow adjustment and long-term medication, once these drugs are taken, they are taken for life and cannot be stopped suddenly.

Early detection and early treatment of metabolic diseases will minimize the extent of the damage.

What diseases can be caused by abnormal metabolism?


Self-insulin resistance, so that blood sugar can not be consumed normally metabolically, with congenital islet dysfunction of their own type 1 diabetes and acquired factors caused by type 2 diabetes.

High blood glucose

Blood sugar is not metabolized in the body in time and then converted into blood lipids. When it enters the bloodstream, the blood becomes sticky and accumulates in the blood vessels, leading to hyperlipidemia. The representative drug for this type of disease is a statin.


It is closely related to arterial stenosis, blood circulation resistance, blood pressure increase, coupled with the pressure of life, love of anger.

At any age, we need to exercise to maintain normal metabolism of the body.

Four, high uric acid

Purine metabolic function is abnormal, the decomposition of uric acid in the body and metabolism is not smooth, urate precipitation crystallization environment caused. The crystallization site is the site of tissue swelling and pain.

The treatment of hyperuricemia is slow and requires the active cooperation of the patient's physician.

Once the metabolic abnormality starts to occur, it should be treated effectively and in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary consequences.

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