What is an IoT module and how to choose the right one

LoRa gateway is a kind of low-power wide area network communication device, which can realize long-distance data transmission.

It adopts industrial-grade dedicated network processor and high-speed and stable 4G wireless communication module (optional), compatible with LoRaWAN communication specification, communication module supports GPS high-precision clock synchronization, and has multi-frequency and multi-channel concurrent capability.

How to choose a suitable IoT module?

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing and improving the way we work and live, but it can only be achieved through universal, flexible and long-term wireless connectivity.

At its core is a small device called an IoT module, which is responsible for connecting almost anything to a wireless network. IoT modules have a wide range of wireless technology standards and offer a variety of features that can impact the success of IoT applications.

What is an IoT module?

IoT modules are small electronic devices embedded in objects, machines, and objects that connect to wireless networks and send and receive data.

Sometimes called "radio chips," IoT modules use the same technology and data circuits as cell phones, but without features such as displays or keyboards. Another key difference in IoT modules is that they always provide connectivity.

IoT applications need to send data automatically and in real time, without the need for people to click a send button. In addition, they are designed for extreme durability and longevity, requiring 10 years or more of continuous operation to justify the business case and the cost of the technology.


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