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Nowadays, we eat, we pay more attention to health,kitchen scrubber manufacturer than eating restaurant food, more often we will choose to eat at home, nutrition and health, and more affordable health. However, the problem that people who cook at home often face is that despite exhaust hoods, cooking oil spreads to every corner of the house and it's a real pain to clean up.

Apart from the oil, the cutting boards and stoves used for cooking, over time inadvertently relationship a large amount of dirt deposits that need to be cleaned through a careful study that we can do. So many students when the method is just not right, half the effort. Next to share with you to learn some of the international kitchen environment cleaning tips, so that we can clean with half the effort.

1, sink cleaning

The sink is a place we often use, whether it is to wash vegetables before cooking or washing dishes after eating. Vegetables are dirty, there is oil inside the plate, invisible will be deposited in the pool, cleaning is very difficult.

If we don't have a special detergent at home to clean this place, we can sprinkle salt on the oiled area and rub it vigorously with plastic wrap, rinse it a few times with lukewarm water, and you'll find that the sink becomes very clean. Like the corner of the sink, is also the blind spot of cleaning, when we clean, you can use a toothbrush to clean, with detergent or soap and water will clean more clean.

2, frying pan cleaning

If we usually stir fry, if you use an iron pan instead of a non-stick pan, food will often stick to it, not easy to clean up. Cleaning can be sprinkled in the pan with some coarse salt, and then use a brush, so that these sticky things will be easy to come off.

For those who use gas, the bottom of the pan will turn black after a while and accidentally stain clothes when cooking, which also requires us to clean it often. For these harder things, we can dip the bottom of the pan in a little water, then sprinkle it with baking soda, and finally wrap it in plastic wrap. After waiting overnight, you can just wash it off with a sponge the next day.

Nowadays, many families use iron pots and pans, and the pots are also maintained, for example, after we wash them, we try to dry the water with a dry cloth or put them on the fire to dry the water, which can be a good way to avoid rusting. If the pot is often rusty, you can dry, apply a layer of oil or rub with ginger, the effect is very good.

3. Oil bottle cleaning

In order to pour oil convenient, many families will choose a small oil bottle, but this oil bottle has a very bad place, the use of a long time, it will have a thick layer of oil at the bottom, it is very difficult to clean. Before washing, we can put some broken eggshells in the bottle, then pour in some detergent, add hot water, shake, and then shake a few times, the oil will be washed off soon. There is an easy way, we can also add baking soda or alkali to the oil, then add water, shake for a while, and finally use hot water for a few times and it will become clean.

4. Cutting board cleaning

Cutting board is an important tool for cooking and cooking can not be missing, generally speaking, home use wooden cutting board is still more people, but this material cutting board has a bad place, that is, the dirt is not easy to clean up. Many families cutting board is mixed, and cut meat and vegetables, time long surface will have a lot of dirt deposits, touch sticky and a little bit disgusting, and this is not good for health, we need to pay attention.

Cleaning cutting board can be relatively simple, first of all, we need to teachers can use salt and lemon to get it. First of all, the salt sprinkled on the cutting board, and then put the cut lemon issue on the cutting board friction, and finally with a lot of water rinse clean, the cutting board will become very clear and clean, and there is a light lemon aroma in China.

5. Hood cleaning

The hood is the most polluted area, the greasy appearance is a deterrent, so many people choose to hire professionals to clean it, but the truth is, if we put a little more effort, we can clean it. The first thing we need to do is to put hot water in a basin and add some lye, which is cheap if you don't have a supermarket at home that sells it. Then soak the dirty hood in about half an hour, then wipe more with a cloth, the oil on it will be removed and finally rinse with water.

6. Cooktop cleaning

Although the range hood is constantly extracting the grease, the cooktop closest to the frying pan can still be seriously damaged. Over time, you will notice thick oil on the stove. This is the time to act quickly. The orange or lemon peels we usually eat are great for keeping the stovetop clean. We have to boil these first, then put a rag in the boiling water and wring it out before wiping it so that the dirt is easily removed.

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