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Because vacuum cleaners were only recently brought to China, many individuals are unfamiliar with how to operate and choose them. In everyday life, more young people are eager to test vacuum cleaners, and when purchasing and selling, they are willing to try product models with high suction power, but they are unaware that the more suction power portable vacuum cleaner factory, the better.

So, what qualities should we seek in a vacuum cleaner?

First and foremost, a good vacuum cleaner's sealing degree, then its sealing degree is also done very well rechargeable vacuum cleaner factory, sealing degree is high vacuum cleaner, then its suction power is naturally very excellent.

The next thing to look at is the quality of workmanship of the vacuum cleaner, which includes the appearance of no damage to the case as well as the appearance of smooth, general vacuum cleaner has a plastic shell and a metal shell, choose plastic shell, then its surface must be smooth, choose metal shell, then its surface must be bright.

There is also the performance of the vacuum cleaner motor to consider; the bigger the power, the stronger the suction power, but the noise is also pretty significant, and power consumption is related.

The operation of a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner motor rotates at high speed and draws air from the inlet to create a vacuum in the dust box,wireless vacuum cleaner factory the dust enters the dust bag in the dust box through the brush, receiver, handle, hose, and main suction tube, the dust is left in the dust bag, the filtered air then enters the motor through a layer of filters, this layer of filters is a protective barrier to prevent the dust bag from breaking and tripping. The finer the filtering material, the cleaner the air is filtered, but the poorer the air permeability, which impacts the motor intake air volume, lowering the vacuum cleaner's efficiency. However, the user's primary concern is comfort and hygiene.

Classification of vacuum cleaners

1. Floor vacuum cleaner: For mobile usage, this vacuum cleaner is usually put on the ground. The motor installation may be classified into vertical and horizontal two, with the former motor vertical installation and the later motor horizontal installation.

2. Hand-held vacuum cleaner: a little vacuum cleaner that is used by holding it in one's hands or on one's shoulder. It is flexible and handy.

Vacuum cleaners must be used with caution.

1. To prevent fires due by leakage and short circuit, do not suck metal or damp things.

2After operating the vacuum cleaner, clean the filter bag; otherwise, the dust inside may build and impair the heat dissipation effect, causing the temperature to increase too quickly and causing accidents.

3After using the vacuum cleaner, wait until it has cooled before storing it to prevent mishaps caused by heat that has not been released.

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Can vacuum be produced?

Suction normally cannot draw fluids, hence a vacuum cannot be produced. A vacuum can be spread and diluted by suction by allowing higher pressure fluids to be forced into it, but the vacuum must first be formed in order for suction to take place. Expanding a container's volume is the simplest approach to produce a false vacuum.

Where are the VAX products made?

Machines bearing the Vax brand are made in China. Over 400 people work for Vax at its UK locations in Birmingham and Droitwich.


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