The four deep cleansing masks recommended evaluation, cheap is not necessarily difficult to use!

Masks, especially cleaning masks, is an important step in our daily skin care, moderate facial cleansing, not only in order to control sebaceous gland secretion of oil, but also on the absorption of skincare products is more beneficial, then, deep cleaning masks recommended so much, in fact, which one is good to use?

1.white mud mask

One of the hotter deep cleansing masks on the market is the white clay mask, which has received numerous positive reviews, and most of the evaluation bloggers have also given a very good evaluation. After all, the ingredients of the white clay mask - bentonite clay, kaolin clay, oat kernel powder, corn starch, are quite good adsorption function, to remove the face of the deep stains can be trusted! However, there is still a small group of people who will feel a slight stinging discomfort when using the white clay mask initially. In fact, if you use it a few more times so that your skin can build up a tolerance barrier, the result will be much better!

2.Clay Mask

Clay mask is also more popular deep cleansing mask recommended models, its ingredients and white clay mask compared to the proportion of bentonite and kaolin clay become less, characterized by the addition of abrasive particles, particles made very fine, gentle massage of the face at all does not hurt the skin, to remove the effect of the facial dead skin is very good, but adsorption of deep dirt is not as strong as the white clay mask function!

3.Sea Salt Cleansing Mask

Sea salt cleansing mask also belongs to the deep cleansing mask recommended in a more representative one, bentonite and kaolin clay ratio is higher, coupled with a slight scrub particles, so the cleaning effect is good, but the scrub particles are not as fine as the clay mask. The special feature is the addition of peppermint leaf oil ingredients, so it is cool and refreshing to use, the experience is not bad!

4.Honey Cleansing Mask

As the name suggests, honey cleansing mask with honey ingredients, honey has a very good moisturizing and nourishing effect, so the honey cleansing mask is a two-pronged cleaning + nourishing products, of course, people's main efficacy is still "cleaning".

In short, there are many recommendations for deep cleansing masks, but the specific choice of which, or to combine your personal skin characteristics, if you are sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose a more mild and non-irritating cleansing mask.

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