Good in irregular rooms can be utilized in the city track

Curtains are now an indispensable decoration in daily life, with the embellishment of curtains, the bedroom environment will feel more beautiful and gorgeous. However, home textile brand Violet here to remind you, choose curtains should not only pay attention to the pattern of the curtain itself, but more importantly, pay attention to its practicality. Want to buy curtains do not lose, please keep in mind the following ten principles.

1. Good in irregular rooms can be utilized in the city track

Irregular windows are more common in the residence, such as the round curved curtains, the installation is not convenient. Thanks to the design of the curved track, the curtains can be adjusted to the shape of the window, making it easy to open and close.

2. The direction of the window determines the thickness of the fabric.

When choosing fabrics, be sure to consider the direction of the window. Gauze, thin cotton or silk is more appropriate when the window faces south and the light is good. Northern rooms, often cold gray, should choose warm colors and some thick curtains to increase the temperature. If your windows face east or west, shading is the most important use of curtains. Sun shading is a great way to block out the glare of the curtains, but also to keep the room bright and make the most of the natural light that illuminates the room. Windows close to busy streets with strong streetlights and billboard lights at night also require thicker curtain blocks in order to have a stable sleep.

3. Flat curtains are the most versatile.

Flat curtains are one of the most common styles. Simple, without any decoration, the size carries on arbitrarily, hanging and lifting and pulling can be, applicable to most of our country without windows. Can be designed by the curtain system according to the width of the window, the curtain system for one side of the flat-pull type and double side of the flat-pull type, usually 1.5 meters as a demarcation reference. Lift curtain curtain control can be lifted to one side or both sides, forming a soft arc, creating a good decorative art effect of the enterprise, but also be able to more casual choice with the use of a variety of tieback accessories. With curtain head style production development to be complicated lead to some, but the decorative effect get better, it can be used as a cover problem is relatively simple and rough curtain rail as well as smart curtains between the top and the roof of the empty space, appear indoor more neat and beautiful.

4, understand the composition order of the curtain

In order to ensure good results, we usually use customized curtains. On the order, you will find a lot of details that must be understood. Curtains are composed of curtain bodies, fittings and accessories. The curtain body consists of the curtain, the window and the sash. Curtains are an indispensable part of window decoration and are generally made of the same fabric as the window body. Styles include flat, pleated, corrugated and one-piece. Accessories include window tassels, tent rings, ribbons, laces, window linings, etc. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, weights and more. Choose what you need and realize it.

5. The function of decorative curtains

You can add a layer of decorative curtains in front of the wall, so that it looks to make the wall with three-dimensional and layered. Strip decorative curtains, good shading performance, can be translated, suitable for matching the curtains and curtains, clever use of outdoor light. The track of the decorative curtains is easy to install in all parts of the room, using this advantage, decorative curtains can also be a room partition, closet door alternatives, so that the use of space in the room becomes more flexible. In front of the wall can be added to a layer of decorative curtains, so that the wall looks to have a sense of three-dimensionality and hierarchy.

6. Choosing the right curtain head can save the force of opening and closing.

Curtains and curtain rods between the articulation, the way there are many kinds of: in the fabric directly on the perforation, easy to pull back and forth; outside the form of the bag, the front looks more beautiful, but the enterprise due to the existence of friction between some of the fabrics and rods, especially the size of the bag and the rod diameter is almost the same, back and forth to pull more difficult; suspenders form of the form of the seemingly simple, suitable for students with more lightweight fabrics; tiebacks The way to develop the same is not good to pull, suitable for their usual infrequent movement just play an important role in the decoration of the window. Suggest that we had better choose to buy intelligent curtain ring,solar blind so that an easy to open time and disassembly and cleaning time is also convenient.

7. Curtains are also low carbon

In the north, heating is usually installed underneath the windows, unless you choose to go down to the length of the window sill. In the case of floor-to-ceiling curtains, be sure to choose a good heat-resistant fabric that also won't block heat from entering the room to warm it up.roller blind Rooms facing east or west are stimulated by strong sunlight for several hours a day. Use specially treated or neutral fabrics that would otherwise fade or discolor, preferably with some insulation.

8. Color of curtains

Living room choose warm color curtains, can give a sense of hospitality. Curtains for the study should be neutral and cold. Bedrooms should choose curtains with smooth, static colors so that the room looks elegant but not cold. In the dining room, yellow and orange stimulate the appetite, while white has a clean look. When the color contrast between the floor and the furniture is strong, you can choose the floor color as the center; when the color contrast between the base color and the furniture color is weaker, you can choose the furniture color as the center;motorized roller blind if the floor color and the furniture color can't be used as a reference, you can also choose the color of the curtains according to the color of the light. Warm orange color system can be matched with beige, fruity green and other cool colors, neutral cream color system can be matched with beige, light coffee, slightly red and other warm colors.

9. Know how to measure fabric accurately

Accurate measurements not only predict the amount of fabric to buy, but also make the curtains more aesthetically pleasing in terms of detail. It is recommended to measure with a ruler made of metal. Whether you choose a track installation or a curtain rod installation, the hem of the curtains should be 15 centimeters above the window sill. On both sides of the curtains, the window itself should be 15-20 centimeters more to look good. When measuring the width, do not measure the window itself, but the curtain rod or track. If the curtains open on both sides, remember to allow for an overlap in the center, about 2.5 cm. The length of the curtains needs to be determined by the position of the hem. If it is on the window sill, the distance should be 1.25 cm, more 15 cm under the window sill, and the hem of the floor-standing type is 1.5 cm from the ground.

10. The use of smart curtains can ensure privacy

Some buildings, it will be L-shaped layout, or building spacing is relatively small, if you do not want to expose every action in front of the eyes of the neighbors, then hang curtains all year round, so that the curtains, both good transparency, but also to block the outside line of sight. The same applies to living on the first floor or in a villa. Install at least two curtains.

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