How to tell if the front thermometer is accurate?

"It can't depend on how it's used, it's affected by three factors. The first is distance," Choi said. "If the manual says it's 1-3cm, but you have to be at 1cm or 5cm Measured at the same temperature, the temperature will decrease”.

The second factor that affects the accuracy of temperature measurement is the environment. The ambient temperature of the infrared thermometer should be between (16~30) °C. If it is too low or too high,braun digital ear thermometer, it will affect the accuracy of the infrared thermometer. For example, if you're riding a bike in cold temperatures, at a fast pace, and you stop immediately to take your temperature, the reading must be low because the environment has changed and your forehead has been blown for a long time and the heat has been blown away.

The third is where the front temperature gun is held. The front end of the temperature measuring gun is a thermal head that needs to receive radiant heat. If it is tilted, the heat cannot be fully concentrated to the thermal head, resulting in the measurement result not accurately reflecting the body temperature. So when using it, keep the head of the gun facing the forehead, just like shooting a gun.

So it doesn't make sense to simply say that temperature measurements are accurate and inaccurate. It's important to see the many factors that affect it. "

Whether it is an ear thermometer or a forehead thermometer, their maintenance principle is like an elevator and requires regular calibration, but ordinary consumers do not have professional testing equipment at home and do not have professional knowledge, it is difficult to do this. At the small experimental site, Cui Gong taught a small method of daily maintenance.

There is a small black screen on the ear thermometer and forehead thermometer. This is called a temperature sensor. Inside is a detector that receives heat and is also the focus of daily maintenance. Contact with dust and stains must be avoided.

How? "The easiest way is to wipe with a soft napkin or an alcohol pad, but keep your head down to prevent alcohol from infiltrating." Cui Gong said that of course, if there is a protective cover, cover it after use.


Which is better, an ear or an infrared thermometer?

As mentioned, older kids who don't mind having the thermometer felt in their ears may get incredibly accurate readings from the ear thermometer. The forehead thermometer is the best option for parents of younger children because it is soft and unobtrusive.

Can a fever be brought on by too many blankets?

Wear airy clothing; avoid covering up with extra blankets or clothing. Your temperature could increase as a result of this.

How do you remove ear wax that is deep inside?

A healthcare professional can also use a syringe loaded with warm water, saline solution, or diluted hydrogen peroxide to flush out the wax. To assist in softening the wax, medicated ear drops like carbamide peroxide (Debrox Earwax Removal Kit, Murine Ear Wax Removal System) may also be advised.

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