Wireless communication module and the Internet of Things, see article

Wireless communication module is not only the basic hardware link of IoT application communication, but also the key link between sensing layer and network layer. wireless modules companies There is a double shot between wireless communication module and IoT terminal device.

Wireless communication system module makes all kinds of Internet of things terminal equipment development with China network accounting information security transmission capability, is all kinds of intelligent terminal access to the information portal of the Internet of things.

It is the key link between the perception layer and the network layer of the Internet of Things.

All the device data generated by the IoT sensing layer terminal needs to be aggregated to the network layer through the wireless communication function module, and then the device is managed and controlled remotely through the cloud management problem platform, and data analysis is performed to improve the management efficiency.

Application scope of wireless network communication module

Wireless communication modules are widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless networks, wireless meter reading, access control systems, cellular paging, industrial data collection systems, wireless tagging, identification, contactless radio frequency identification, and wireless network.

Wireless 232 data communication, wireless 485/422 data communication, digital audio, digital image tree and other scenarios.

Under the function of wireless communication module, various IOT terminal devices have network information transmission capability, which is undoubtedly the information portal to access the IOT for various intelligent terminals.


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