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A few points to note about payment gateway solutions

As the interface between the bank's financial network and the Internet, the payment gateway is the key to ensuring the success of electronic transactions. This secure and seamless payment delivery method does not require modifications to the original host system and can be set up to meet the requirements of a specific transaction processing system. Without a payment gateway, the electronic payment function of online banking would be useless. Currently, payment gateway solutions are developed by third-party payment platforms in cooperation with banks.

How payment gateway solutions work

After a merchant selects a payment gateway solution that suits its needs and successfully opens it, the gateway can be directly connected to its own back office. When customers spend money online, they can click on the payment gateway to enter the payment gateway interface directly, with the existence of the payment gateway, the transaction becomes faster and safer. It is convenient and fast, and also makes customers feel more secure.

Which customers are suitable for payment gateway solutions?

As long as you have a need for online banking electronic payment, then you are the core customer of payment gateway solution. When choosing a payment gateway solution, it is important to find the right product for you and not to use the rate as the only reference standard, but to consider features, stability and security. For customers who want to expand into overseas markets, this solution will be more suitable for you to use, after all, foreigners prefer to use credit card spending.

How to ensure the security of the payment gateway solution

A reliable and trustworthy payment gateway solution will have its own set of risk control mechanism to detect each transaction through the system at any time, and notify the risk control management team at the first time when an abnormal transaction or account is found. With this mechanism, security will be greatly improved, merchants and customer account funds will not be at risk.


Which payment processor does GPAY employ?

Customers can use Google Pay to make payments online by using the United Payments Interface (UPI) system. See NPCI UPI Linking Specifications for further details. Note: Chrome-enabled Android devices are compatible with this documentation. See the Omnichannel API guide for information on additional browsers and platforms.

Is remittance an API?

An application programming interface (API) called a payment API helps e-commerce companies to easily manage payments. Due to their ability to accelerate and secure transactions, payment APIs offer the potential to optimize the payments process for both businesses and consumers.

Mastercard: Is it a gateway?

By managing expensive and time-consuming payment tasks, the Mastercard Payment Gateway can support your growth strategy. You may accept both international and domestic payment methods, minimize PCI risk, and cut operating costs with just one integration.

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