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Method one of matching: clothing color matching

Parents should consider the color of children's clothing when selecting Kids21clothing for their children, as they have a primitive sensitivity to color and distinct preferences. As a result, if the child's skin tone is dark, children's clothing with high brightness and purity should be preferred to ensure that the color is eye-catching and spiritual. If the child's skin tone is lighter, she has a wider range of color adaptation; wearing pink, yellow, or red, the child will appear lively and bright. Even if you wear gray, black will look clean and elegant, giving the impression that your makeup is always appropriate.

Method two of matching: clothing style to fit

Second, should consider the nature of children. In the process of playing, the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for carcomfort of children's clothing is a very important factor, should be loose and natural as the main feature. Children's bodies are developing, wearing the appearance of sophisticated, spontaneous, loose casual class of children's clothing, usually do games running, etc., are very convenient; both conducive to physical development, but also to give a gentle, lovely, comfortable, casual special impression.

Method three of matching: select fabrics with floral patterns.

Because children's clothing is lively, active, and there is no sense of sake courseclothing protection, the fabric of children's clothing should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged, while fabric wearing comfort should also be considered. Floral fabrics can convey a sense of ethereal intelligence while also expressing the child's purity and spirituality.

Fourth, the same color system with different shades can be used.

Fashion children's clothing with points of cold and warm colors with clothes, for example, green, orange, coffee, yellow is part of the earth color system, but also warm colors, as long as this type of color clothes can be matched with excellent fashion children's clothing; and white, blue, silver is part of the cold color system. Parents can also do a preliminary classification of clothes for the child's closet, see which color of the child's clothes most, then buy this color of children's clothing to do fashion children's clothing with the right!


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