Independent website, choose the way to receive payments

For novice sellers who are just getting started, omnichannel payment processing it is especially important to choose an independent station collection management method to develop.

Many independent station novices will confuse their independent station collection with platform collection, thinking that it is enough to take back the money paid by consumers on the independent station to recover the bank's personal account.

When the independent station was initially set up, there was no way to collect money directly, and the seller needed to receive the money on his own.

Sellers need to be clear about what payment methods you need in your standoff, which supports international credit cards, babies, and some local payment methods in other regions.

Once you know what kind of payment method you need, you can find the corresponding payment company to activate the payment method, and after successful activation and connection, consumers can make a single payment at your independent site.

How did you deposit money into your bank account from a separate website? Independent payment companies can do just that, offering one-stop payment services, from counterpart payments to independent payments to bank accounts.

More of a concern for independent sellers is the success rate and rejection rate of independent payments.

The success rate of independent payment is closely related to the channel capabilities of the payment company, while the rejection rate needs to be controlled by the payment company's risk control system (provided that the merchant provides good products and services).

The way to collect money from independent stations is to find a payment company that can collect the payment methods you need, provide safe and secure transaction channels and perfect risk control management.

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