What is included in the online recurring billing function setting?

How much do you know about the online recurring billing service? In fact, this system is specially designed for customers with a high rate of repeat purchases, who are usually both repeat customers and long-term partners. The online recurring billing is not just a debit at a specified time, but actually contains many useful functions.

What can be set for online recurring billing

For customers who have a habit of buying on a regular basis, there is no doubt that choosing online recurring billing will save more time and effort, and will ensure that there is sufficient supply of goods and sufficient time to deliver to the designated location. When a customer places an order online, in addition to the basic information such as the quantity of the order and the delivery address, there is also a periodicity option, which is automatically entered into the system's customer module so that the next time the customer does not have to operate or enter the same content.

Can you modify the online recurring billing?

Usually the system will automatically send a payment notice to the customer after the specified time for each recurring order and automatically charge the customer's pre-set credit card. If a customer's credit card is lost or expired and a new credit card is replaced, the original information must be modified in order to use the online recurring billing service and functions properly. Recurring billing is available in either online or offline mode, and if there is a change in the order, a refund of the difference in amount can usually be used for the next order.

Online recurring billing can generate reports

After using online recurring billing, the system can automatically generate a variety of reports, including order types, active customers, churn rate, renewal status and geographic data for comprehensive analysis, timely understanding of monthly sales and revenue collection, helping sellers to better grasp the market trend, providing more valuable reference for the next product on the shelves and procurement.


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