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Is blinds suitable for home curtains?

The ancients said: "Blinds between the month, fractional light dozens of lines." wooden blindCompared with the traditional curtains in China, the blind structure has always been synonymous with our modern and simple, but in fact, the blind originated from the development of Chinese cultural traditional teaching buildings.

The first form of window used in ancient Chinese architecture was the design of shutters, although it had a slightly different name. window blindsVertical blinds are called blinds, and horizontal blinds are called horizontal blinds.

The wooden panes made by the ancients were mainly used for ventilation and air circulation, and in addition to the basic functions, it is still the main element of the decorative space. Standing in front of the window window blinds, the sunlight enters the room through the folding, the panes are cut into light, enveloping the air, bringing out a feeling of natural vividness that is intoxicating.

This problem, with Rujun's creation to understand.



Thermal insulation

Shutter curtains are made of materials with good thermal insulation performance, venetian blindwhich can block the light, effectively maintain the indoor temperature, adjust the indoor light and shade, and protect the furniture from fading under the influence of ultraviolet light.


Strong privacy

Shutters can block the outside view by freely adjusting the teaching method from the top down, protecting the privacy of the interior space without affecting the lighting.


Light and shadow effect

It can comb light, create or soften or cool the visual effects of various lights and movies. Both shape and light adjustment can be adapted to various styles of space.



Horizontal shutter

The horizontal louvers, whose blades are parallel, adjust the louvers by rotating the rod to adjust the light, and by pulling the rope to adjust the height and position of the louvers. The appearance is simple, the installation and disassembly is simple, the sunshade and heat insulation effect is good, and some products can also block ultraviolet rays.

Suitable for: living room, study, balcony, etc.


Vertical shutter

The blades of vertical louvers are hung vertically on the upper rail, and the ideal shading effect can be achieved by moving freely left and right. It is more suitable for large floor-to-ceiling Windows, which can push the door together, like sliding doors, and the decorative effect is good.

Suitable for: living room


Folding blind

Fold the blinds and adjust the drawstring so that the blinds stay in any one place. It highlights natural lighting, is waterproof and relatively light in texture, usually aluminum or PVC.

Suitable for: bathroom, kitchen, balcony


Roller blind

In fact, according to the function of the shutter is divided into zipper shutter, elastic shutter, electric shutter; According to the fabric can also be divided into shading curtain, shading curtain and lighting curtain. When rolled up, it has the charm of ancient bamboo curtains.

Suitable for: library, kitchen


Sliding shutter

The sliding shutter blades are fixed directly to the window frame and the light is adjusted by adjusting the blades. In fact, such sliding shutters can also be made into a partition placed in the room, can not block light ventilation, full of retro feeling.

Suitable for: indoor partition window, cabinet door, etc.



Guest restaurant

The choice of shutters should refer to the overall design style of the learning space, Nordic wind and other modern architectural style we can use a white shutters, Japanese Chinese wood color effect is excellent, industrial wind and black gray system can be chosen by themselves, want to develop exotic style such as South Ocean style and space can also use solid wood shutters at the same time. The blinds choose the same color scheme as the main color of the wall or living room, which can make the space environment look wider.



As a reading office, natural lighting is very important, the light is too strong or weak will affect vision, the use of blinds can adjust the light, so the strong sunlight through refraction will become soft and comfortable.



The bedroom can try to install shutters with good sound insulation effect, warm in winter and cool in summer, especially suitable for people who have light requirements when sleeping, and can adjust the required light according to needs.



Bathroom Windows are generally small, preferably with shutters, simple and convenient, easy to clean daily. Toilet shutter selection is the most important, the best choice of waterproof, anti-corrosion magnesium aluminum shutter.



Under normal circumstances, the balcony does not need curtains, but if the balcony is closed, there is no partition between the living room and the balcony, then the balcony location is very suitable for shutters. If you put a washing machine on the balcony, the curtains installed on the ground will be easy to dirty, but the shutter will not be so troublesome, and the balcony can have more lighting.


A Ukrainian company has developed and designed an electric shutter called "SolarGaps", which can track the Angle of the sun in the sky all day long, which can not only block the sun for residents, but also can be fully developed and the use of Chinese solar energy can save 70% of the electricity cost for students. Develop clean electricity for home or office work production. Manufactured by SunPower solar car battery technology, the shutters have a 25-year service life, and the quality of the electricity they generate can be selected for use directly or stored in a home battery management system for emergency funds in the event of a power outage.

As a display form of curtains, blinds are not only functional finished products, but also static expressions of space aesthetics. The sunlight outside the window shines through the curtains, setting off the beauty of the space lines, which is the unique charm of the Louvre.

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