How to clean the shutters

In the process of decoration in the Chinese family now, many people in the community to choose curtains, will choose to use blinds, especially in some relatively small building area of the room, blinds in daily life there are many advantages in the process of using. But how to clean the blinds dirty?shutter window Shutters have different materials, different materials corresponding to the cleaning method is not the same, the following small make-up for you to analyze the detailed introduction of shutters

Window cleaning and maintenance methods.

How to clean the shutters

Although the shutters make you a good light game in daily life, but for many people, cleaning the shutters is a troublesome thing. How exactly do you clean your blinds? Let a little makeup help you today.

Blinds are generally made of:metal, hard plastic, bamboo, and solid wood. The first three materials are not afraid of water, especially metal and hard plastic, and wood blinds are especially afraid of water.sheer fabric According to the different water resistance of the material, there are two ways to clean the shutters.

Cleaning of solid wood shutters. Solid wood should avoid being immersed in water or it will warp and crack. To clean such blinds, first close the shutters by turning the shutter lever, so that the blades are on a flat surface brushing off the surface with a duster, and also brushing off the dust after manipulating one side of the blade to the other; then open the leaves, wet an old clean sock or glove, put it on your hand, and holding each leaf from left to right, flatten it out so that both sides of the leaf are wiped clean at the same time, and the use of the old sock or glove is the trick to halve the amount of wiping one by one until it is all done.

Waterproof Blinds Cleaning. For metal or hard plastic blinds, such as aluminum blinds, remove the blinds directly from the slot, place them in the bathtub, soak them slightly in soapy or laundry detergent water, and then rinse them off with clean water, using a brush to remove dirt if necessary. Finally, dry with a cloth to install back in place, natural ventilation to dry.

If by targeting the use of blinds can be hung in a balcony design or no living room and room friends, then, the structure of the blinds for the biggest impact of the enemy we are in order to dust,green fabric so the easiest way is just to carry out a regular duster with a chicken feather duster dust on the line, but be sure to students to remember: it's a regular dusting! First pour the appropriate amount of detergent needed into a large enough cleaning tank, and then the teacher will then dip the blinds into them. After the dusty grease that adheres to the leaves of the plant is dissolved capacity, then rinse them with water constantly and repeatedly several times. The last step on your own is to completely change each and every leaf dry! Wear a pair of Chinese rubber as well as gloves, and then a pair of wire gloves (or cloth gloves), and then start dipping your hands in the blended detergent (take care that the business doesn't soak them too wet), and wipe one leaf at a time. After wiping, then repeatedly wipe the leaves with detergent with water in the same way as the society. Finally, put on dry string gloves and dry it.


If after the above method, still can not clean the dirt, you can spray ethanol (alcohol) on the blinds, and then use military gloves to hold the water to wipe, which is also very effective yo!

How to maintain the blinds

1. Blinds before pulling, adjust the blades so that they are at an angle of 90 ° with the track, that is, the blades are parallel to the blades.

Pull the blinds, hold the handle vertical pull blinds pull a pull cord (horizontal pull blinds pull all the pull cord) can pull the leaves.

3, keep the shutter doors and windows dry, clean, avoid contact with a lot of water.

4. Strictly prohibit the use of sharp knives and other hard material items scratching or collision shutters for surface.

5. Do not open the window when it is windy and close the window when it rains to avoid water leakage.

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