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Know how to remove makeup to take better care of your skin

Nowadays, women are in the habit of wearing makeup. In order to maintain healthy skin, people often make great efforts in choosing cosmetics. However, one important key is often overlooked - makeup removal. Improper makeup removal can often cause irreversible damage to the skin. Often, the result of incorrect makeup removal is much more harmful than the irritation caused by the makeup itself. Therefore, it is important to know how to remove makeup in order to take better care of your skin and minimize the damage caused by cosmetics to your skin.


You can often see a lot of businesses for the purpose of profit propaganda "exfoliate multiple times a week", "wash your face must use a facial cleanser", and even put forward the concept of secondary cleaning. These slogans capture the psychology of consumers while also introducing them to the misconceptions of makeup removal. Improper cleaning or excessive makeup removal can easily lead to loss of skin lipids and damage to the skin's protective functions. In the long run, this will lead to more and more sensitive skin, even redness, flaking, itching and so on.


In terms of the goal of makeup removal. Many people's definition of it only stops at using a variety of makeup remover products to make their face oil-free and dry and taut. But in fact, there is more to determining whether makeup removal is clean and thorough than that. Depending on how different makeup removers are used, both cleansers and makeup removers can be chosen as long as they are used correctly and do not require secondary cleaning at all.

For example, everyday light makeup only needs a simple makeup remover to gently wipe; oily makeup can choose to remove the makeup oil. If you use makeup remover oil, you must keep your hands and face dry when removing makeup, then add water several times for emulsification, and finally rinse it off. Generally, the skin of your face will not feel heavy and oily after removing makeup this way.

Nowadays, the cosmetic market is mixed, in learning to remove makeup at the same time, you must also use quality cosmetics. Especially for sensitive skin, pay more attention to product selection, and try to avoid heavy makeup. Good skin quality is not only the standard of high value, but also the result of long-term care in makeup and makeup removal. Of course, because each person's skin condition is different, you can't copy the makeup removal methods of others. So, if you know how to remove your makeup, you will be able to maintain a hydrated and good skin texture while wearing makeup.

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