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Recently, the words of Huawei's automotive business leader Yu Chengdong, known as "Yu Dazui", have sparked renewed buzz. The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem. "Yu Da Zui" this words, as always, by the automotive circle of group mockery.

However, the global Jun does feel that "Yu Dazui" this time, the comments just hit the direction of the development of the automotive industry.

The global automotive field has several puzzling problems: why has been loss-making Tesla can run all the way to the first global car companies market value? Why has Toyota, which has been sticking to hybrid technology and has been reluctant to invest heavily in the electric car business, suddenly changed its mind? Why has everyone's electric car sales in China been average?

Promote many assets have been into the5g gnss new energy vehicle market, not only technology-oriented, more critical is the policy-oriented. In order to achieve the carbon neutral carbon peak regulations, more and more countries have made clear the timetable for the withdrawal of gasoline vehicles from the market. Thus, for well-known car companies, the gradual discontinuation of gasoline vehicles is not a matter of willingness, but a necessity to survive. At the same time, the policy change, also prompted Chinese car companies have the opportunity and in the gasoline car era dominant global market, the United States, Japan, European car companies stand to the same starting line. However, it is not so easy to get a share of the new energy vehicle market. For well-known car companies, the development of smart phones is the history of the previous car can learn.

When it comes to cell phones, how come the former juggernaut Nokia can be washed away by Apple's cell phones? Although Nokia released Symbian early, Nokia's smartphone is not really a smartphone. The real smartphone should be no keyboard, full touch, overturning the traditional cell phone's large keyboard, small screen model. At that time, many Nokia Symbian cell phone models with full keyboard, including Motorola's former popular Milestone (Milestone) also to the side slider full keyboard settings as a highlight. Nowadays, these undoubtedly belong to the role of adding to the snake. From the root, Nokia is still using the idea of a feature phone in making a smart phone. Only when the surface of the phone is covered by the entire screen, it is possible to complete the best visual experience such as watching movies, navigation maps, web browsing, ultra-clear photos and video. And the function of making phone calls, but it seems to become an accessory.

Similarly, many well-known vehicle giants to enter the electric car market, also like Nokia, Motorola, with the thinking of gasoline cars to design electric cars. The engine is replaced by an electric motor, and a few more displays will make customers pay for it. Look at the simple and rough interior of Tesla, the car can hardly see the buttons and dashboard, relying on a display, manipulating the vehicle should be some all functions. Many people say that Tesla is actually a cell phone that can drive. Tesla is not simply an electric car, it is a smart car. Many of the electric cars released by car companies are still just "gasoline cars" that have had their power systems replaced.

If the "new energy car" for "intelligent car" to think about, will find that the intelligent is the car companies should PK industry, rather than entangled in "hybrid is more environmentally friendly than pure electric", "electric car charging will consume more coal", "range is not false The battery car" and other so-called difficult problems. As this is all the way, not the purpose. In the era of smart cars, the most critical technology is a screen to control everything, but also can be easily defined as who has the best car-machine interactive system, who can win more new users. The storage of sufficient electricity is a necessary condition to complete these intelligent means. The gasoline car with only a small battery, can not bear the weight of so many complicated requirements.

Although there are many brands in the new energy vehicle industry today, sales are mostly general, some brands are more like fusion merchants in the cell phone industry, in addition to the brand is their own, the other core components are produced by others. Looking forward to the future, can always survive in this market, must be the mastery of key technologies, there are certain areas of voice of the company and the brand. The current state of the cell phone industry today is the figure of the future of each brand of cars.

In the annual shareholders' meeting held on June 8, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu indicated that their rivals are gasoline cars and that they want to make the cake of new energy vehicles bigger together. Wang Chuanfu also indicated that the first half of new energy vehicles is electrification, and the second half is intelligence. On the same day, the plenary session of the European Parliament resolved to apply the legislative proposal put forward by the European Commission in July last year and decided to strictly prohibit the sale of gasoline vehicles in the EU by 2035.

The policy has long given the car companies a clear direction, depending on who can finally win.

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