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Do not link the number of papers published with the award bonus

5g white paper

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 31 (Reporter Zhong Yuan) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology that the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Natural Science Foundation of China officially issued a notice a few days ago to further consolidate the national science and technology plan task-bearing unit's scientific research style and academic style and the main responsibility of scientific research integrity. Among them, it is required to treat academic papers scientifically and rationally, pay attention to the quality and level of papers, not to link the number of papers published, impact factors, etc. with rewards and bonuses, and not to use national science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.) to reward papers for publication.

The notice requires that the daily education and guidance of the scientific research personnel of the unit should be strengthened, and the work style, academic style and scientific integrity of the scientific research personnel should be evaluated during the annual assessment, awards, and evaluation. It is necessary to promptly rectify the problems in the research style and academic style and integrity of scientific research of the personnel of the unit.

To this end, the notice specifically mentions that it should strengthen the review of breakthrough scientific and technological achievements and major scientific and technological progress to be announced by the unit, and urge project leaders, team leaders, and mentors to strictly control the academic and integrity of the papers to be published. . In addition, establish and strictly implement a scientific research data collection system to ensure that the original records of the unit's scientific research activities are timely, accurate, and complete, and can be inquired and traceable.


In addition, the notice emphasizes that the information submission system must be strictly implemented. The investigation and handling of major scientific research styles and scientific research integrity issues and results must be reported to the local provincial science and technology administrative department as required, involving science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.) Scientific research projects, innovation bases, scientific and technological awards, talent projects, etc. shall be submitted to relevant management departments at the same time. (Finish)


Can fiber be replaced by 5G?

Or, if fiber-to-the-premises cabling is used, the cost may increase. With 5G, which can wirelessly close that last gap, this is prevented. This indicates that the last distance, sometimes known as "the last mile," is replaced with 5G broadband, also known as 5G Fixed Wireless Access or FWA. This reduces costs, installation difficulty, and time.

Is 5G more quickly than 500mbps?

100 Gbps per second speeds are anticipated for 5G in the future. Speeds are still far from that rapid, though. Depending on the network you use, 5G has a typical speed range of 500 Mbps to 2 Gbps thus far. As with earlier technology, capacities will advance with time.

Why is 5G less robust?

5 GHz: Since fewer wireless devices use this frequency, signal interference is less likely to happen. The signal coverage of a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network is smaller than that of a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, however it may become less strong due to local obstructions.

Why isn't 5G more rapid?

How come certain 5G connections are so sluggish? The first and most important factor is the use of low-band carrier frequencies by the far-reaching 5G signals that have driven the bulk of carrier rollouts in the US, particularly those from AT&T and, to a lesser extent, T-Mobile.

Is 5G a good investment?

Best 5G Stocks: Chipmakers Will Enjoy A Multi-Year Boom Additionally, it is anticipated that by 2026, 5G mobile service revenue would account for 60% of all revenue, reaching $540 billion globally annually. India will likely have the fastest rate of growth for 5G devices between 2022 and 2024, according to Barclays.

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