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Mop is a tool that we use every day to do housework. To remind everyone, electric mop cordless electric spin mopthe mop must be washed and dried frequently, or it will breed bacteria that is very harmful to the human body.

Mold, fungi, candida, and other microorganisms are all examples of mold. These microorganisms can quickly multiply in a warm and humid environment, causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and other symptoms that can lead to respiratory and intestinal diseases.

House dust mites. Dust mites are a major cause of allergic diseases. If you mop best electric steam mopthe floor with such a mop, the bacteria and microorganisms will move around with the mop, spreading bacteria everywhere. When these bacteria come into contact with the body's skin, they can easily cause allergic dermatitis such as eczema. Some housewives, in order to clean the floor, hand wring the mop, not realizing that this is infected with bacteria, and allergic people are prone to skin disease.

How do you clean a mop?

According to experts, it is best to disinfect the home mop on a regular basis. If the house is well ventilated and the climate is dry, the best way to disinfect is to use a mop, wash it with water, and then dry it in the sun. Next, disinfect with ordinary disinfection water, such as lysol, potassium permanganate solution and bleach. Use a 1%5% Lysol water solution to soak and disinfect for about 30 minutes, and then a 5%10% bleach clarification solution to soak for 30 minutes to 60 minutes to achieve disinfection. Furthermore, when mopping the floor, a low concentration of potassium permanganate and bleach sprinkled on the floor can kill most electric mop vs steam mopbacteria. Family disinfection should not be greedy; some people are afraid that the disinfection effect will be poor, so they deliberately increase the amount of disinfection water, which has a difficult time dissipating in the home and will cause additional pollution.

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