7 Misunderstandings and 4 Skills for Parents of Office Workers

Many parents of office workers rush to work and school every day, often in a dilemma between work and their children. As the parents of office workers, they are so busy at work and there are some misunderstandings in educating children. Do you know? Let's find out with 360 common sense network.

7 Misunderstandings of Parents of Office Workers Educating Children

Misunderstanding 1: Make an unfulfilled promise to your child

Do you often say: "Tomorrow your mother will take you..." Parents should not easily make promises that cannot be fulfilled to their children. Once the promise is made, they must stick to it. Parents who cannot achieve unity of words and deeds will never be able to establish prestige in front of their children, and even the most basic trust between parents and children will be affected.

Misunderstanding 2: Let children feel alienated

The loneliness and alienation a child endures when they are young will have a huge impact on the child’s character and future development. Therefore, no matter how busy the work is, parents should not stay away from the child for a long time, and always regard the child as the center of life .

Misunderstanding 3: Fighting in front of children

There will inevitably be some quarrels between husband and wife, but remember not to argue in front of your children. Watching parents "flag their teeth and dance their claws" and verbally abuse each other, the child will fall into a kind of extreme anxiety and fear, which will eventually cause a serious shadow to the child.

Misunderstanding 4: Anxious to let children learn to handle things by themselves

Don't look at the clumsy appearance of the child, it will help them deal with all the affairs; the other is that even if the heart is extremely impatient, it will wait for the child to complete everything by himself. The so-called practice makes perfect. In the process of repeated attempts, children will master the essentials of handling affairs on their own. More importantly, they can gain self-confidence and experience the joy of success. This is impossible to find.

Misunderstanding 5: Feeling guilty for children because of going to work

There is no need to feel guilty to your children just because you are a working person, and don’t keep thinking about it, regretting, and blaming yourself just because you are a little negligent in your children’s issues. This will only make your children play more with you. The excuse of temper, or it will leave the child with the room to continue to rely on you.

Misunderstanding 6: Talk to the child in a commanding tone

Whether it is an adult or a child, they don't like others to give orders or dictate to themselves. Therefore, when you plan to accomplish something with your child or want your child to deal with something, remember to persuade them tactfully instead of issuing orders in a strong tone. It is best to give your children appropriate reminders or suggestions in time. The child takes care of it consciously.

Misunderstanding 7: Force children to learn

Mothers should not blindly force their children to learn, but should first understand what the children are interested in, and it is best to take them into related fields to experience, so as to naturally guide the children to generate motivation and attention to learning. It should be noted that forcing children to study is very likely to cause children to have a rebellious psychology towards their parents and lose interest in learning.

4 tips to make children closer to you

Reduce unnecessary overtime

Work well when you are at work and live well after work. Don't confuse work with family. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to spend time with your child, but you will also lose patience with your child because of anxiety about work, which will bring negative emotions to your child.

Leave emotions in the office

Children are always more sensitive than their parents imagined. They will watch their parents' every move and learn their parents' mood from their parents' state. Therefore, parents must manage their emotions well, and do not vent this emotion to their children even if they are wronged at work. Otherwise, it will only make the family atmosphere more tense, and it will not be conducive to the growth and development of the child in the long run.

Take time to be alone with your children every day

No matter how busy the parents are, they should spend a certain amount of time alone with their children, even for ten minutes. Smart parents will make good use of this limited time to chat and play with their children, and establish parent-child relationships with their children. This can not only make up for the company time occupied by work, but also understand the children's mood and thoughts in time.

Make the most of the weekend

A good weekend will greatly shorten the distance with the child and increase the child's dependence on their parents. Parents can do handicrafts, draw pictures, and read books with their children at home, or take their children to an outdoor picnic and watch the scenery when the weather is good. Of course, when making these arrangements, parents should ask their children's opinions more, fully consider their children's interests, and arrange activities based on their children's responses.



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