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The Tiger of the Jungle, the Iron Horse Master, who was the first commander?

During the period of the Republic of China, in the National Army Group led by Chiang Kai-shek, several of them were more able to fight the army and all had a resounding title, so today I will introduce to you, in the National Army Group, there are the jungle tiger and the iron horse. Which three armies are those with resounding titles such as the Tiger Ben Army? Who was the first commander of each army?

The Tiger of the Jungle definitely refers to this unit, very good at fighting in the jungle, hence the name of the Tiger of the Jungle. After all, is the tiger the king of the forest? However, during the Anti-Japanese War, most of the national army at that time was fighting on the mainland, and there were relatively few large-scale jungle wars. However, in December 1941, Chiang Kai-shek formed an expeditionary force of more than 100,000 men and entered Burma to assist Britain and the United States in fighting the Japanese invaders. The troops entering Myanmar for the first time consist of three armies, namely the Fifth Army, the Sixth Army and the 66th Army. You know, where there are more jungles in Myanmar or Vietnam. Therefore, to fight the Japanese invaders there must be familiar with jungle warfare. The Japanese army sent the 18th Division with the jungle tigers to invade the southwestern countries.


Facing an enemy who was very good at jungle warfare, the expeditionary force that entered Burma for the first time ended in failure. At that time, Du Yuming led the Fifth Army to withdraw from the Savage Mountain and suffered heavy losses. Of course, not all expeditionary forces have been withdrawn to the country. For example, Sun Liren's 38th Division and Liao Yaoxiang's new 22nd Division were withdrawn to India and entered the American colony of Ramgarh for reorganization.

The first expedition ended in failure, and the British and Americans did not want to abandon the fertile eastern colonies, so they negotiated with Chiang Kai-shek, that you (referring to the national army) will come out, and the British and Americans will provide weapons and equipment and be responsible for training. It was in this situation that the 38th Division and the 22nd Division were combined into the New First Army (one of the five main forces of the National Army, and the New First Army was born). With all American equipment, plus the jungle combat experience trained by American instructors. Soon the new army became a very powerful force, especially during the Myanmar-Burma counter-offensive period. It fought a jungle battle with the Japanese 18th Corps and killed the division commander, becoming a great advantage in the Myanmar-Burma counter-offensive. sword. In addition to the jungle tiger that defeated the Japanese army, the new army also won the title of the national jungle tiger.


After that, the New First Army also became one of the five main forces of the National Army. However, when it comes to the commander of the New First Army, Sun Liren may be thought of in everyone's mind. In fact, the first commander of the New First Army of the Tigers of the Jungle was not Sun Liren, but the ace Titan who graduated from Huangpu Phase I and the battle-tested Deng Dongguo. Sun Liren was regarded as the second commander of the army.

The Iron Horse Division refers to an armored unit. Speaking of armored units, during the Anti-Japanese War, only the new 11th Army formed by Xu Tingyao was called the only mechanized unit of the national army. But later, the new 11th Army was reorganized into the Fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army. Also known as the Fifth Army of the Iron Horse Division. It may be said that the new 11th Army is not familiar to everyone, but when it comes to the Fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, I believe that friends who know history should have heard of it. The Battle of Kunlun Pass became famous and won the title of Iron Horse Master. Since the commander of the army at the time was Du Yuming, everyone mistakenly believed that he was the first commander of this army, but that was not true. Strictly speaking, Du Yuming should be regarded as the third commander of the Fifth Army.


The army was formed by Xu Tingyao, but changed his name later, so he was also the first commander of this army. After Xu Tingyao was transferred away by Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek once made Yu Jishi the commander of the army, because the term of office was not very long. In addition, the Fifth Army won the title of Iron Horse and Lion under the leadership of Du Yuming. As a result, the previous two commanders were not well known by everyone.

The three resounding titles of the Tiger Ben Army, the Anti-Japanese Iron Army, and the Imperial Forest Army all point to the 74th Army of the National Revolutionary Army. This unit is regarded as a trump card in the national army, and it is also the most capable unit of the national army during the War of Resistance Against Japan, so it was awarded the honorary titles of the Tiger Army and the Anti-Japanese Iron Army. However, when it comes to the commander of the army, I believe everyone will think of Wang Yaowu at the first impression. He was a third-year student in Huangpu and a famous anti-Japanese general. During the eight years of the War of Resistance Against Japan, he had fought against the Japanese invaders all the year round and achieved brilliant results. It is a great battle. It was also under his leadership that the 74th Army won such a high honor for the Huben Army. Moreover, it was hailed as Chiang Kai-shek's Imperial Forest Army by the outside world, and Chiang Kai-shek regarded this army as a treasure. However, he was not the first commander of the army, and the first commander was Yu Jishi, Chiang Kai-shek's direct line. He is a first-year student in Huangpu and also the senior of Wang Yaowu.

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