Bank loan: Three conditions are required for repayment source, repayment ability and purpose

Bank loans need to have sufficient primary source of repayment

Bank loans usually refer to individuals or enterprises applying for financing loans from banks, paying interest rates according to the contract, obtaining the right to use the funds, and returning the principal within the agreed period, that is, individual and enterprise bank loans loan computer(貸款計算機).

The source of repayment is divided into the first source of repayment and the second source of repayment: The first source of repayment for corporate loans is the borrower's production and business activities and related development, which are directly used to repay the lender's cash flow. The first source of repayment for personal loans is mainly salary income; the second source of repayment refers to when the borrower is unable to repay the loan, the financier handles the loan guarantee by disposing of the collateral, collateral or recovering funds from the guarantor . The first source of repayment is the primary source of contract performance. Fund providers should take the first source of repayment as an important indicator of loan issuance, which is the direct basis for the direction, amount, quantity and repayment time of the lender before issuing the loan, and the second source of repayment as its supplement and guarantee.

Debt solvency assessment of bank loan on repayment ability

The first source of repayment is the borrower's expected repayment ability, so to understand the borrower's future repayment ability, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and detailed investigation of the borrower's actual situation, and now list the financial situation of the enterprise loan analysis, mainly Business income is the first source of repayment for an enterprise. The main business income and profit can be analyzed by risk analysis through the enterprise's financial statements, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

Balance Sheet of Loan Enterprises: It can intuitively analyze the borrower's asset status, debt level, solvency and operating risks.

Loan enterprise income statement: financial analysis with profit and loss statement as the object, by analyzing the profitability and operating results of the loan, evaluating its profitability and development trend.

Cash flow statement of loan enterprise: analyzes the ability of the enterprise to repay debts due within a certain period (quarterly, annually, etc.). Business activities, investment activities and financing activities can generate cash flow, and three types of cash flow can be used as repayment sources. During the normal operation of an enterprise, the cash flow from business activities accounts for a large proportion, which determines the first source of repayment. Therefore, cash Flow is the key to judging loan repayment ability.

Whether the cash flow of the enterprise is real: In the cash flow of the enterprise, operating activities are the most important activity and the main reason for the change of cash flow. The actual sales income is an important basis for judging the cash flow of the enterprise's operation. Under normal operating conditions, cash inflows from operating activities should first meet their cash outflows, not repayments. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the rigidity of corporate cash payments, such as taxation, wages, and inventory. , and by proving and analyzing the cash inflow structure and outflow sequence, determine whether the borrower's real net cash flow can meet the repayment requirements Cards returned(還卡數).

It should be noted that since the balance sheet and income statement are financial statements based on accrual basis, the capital flow reflected by accrual basis is not completely consistent with the actual flow process of capital, fundamentally speaking , the key factor that determines the solvency of the borrower is the cash flow of the enterprise.

Other factors affecting bank loan cash flow

The management ability of the actual controller of financing can be judged by analyzing its experience, observing the historical development trajectory (stable or progressive) of the enterprise and business fluctuations in financial information; upstream and downstream customer relationships, upstream and downstream cooperation time is short, and cash flow is stable Poor performance, analyze and judge cash flow: corporate financing cash flow is also an important part of the source of cash flow. Corporate financing capabilities can be analyzed in combination with current operating scale, debt level, asset status, industry reputation, social influence and shareholder strength whatsminer m30s++ for sale.

The key to a business loan depends on the primary source of repayment. The second source of repayment is a supplement to the first source of repayment. The second source of repayment mainly refers to the guarantee and mortgage guarantee of the borrower or a third party.


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