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The double-ended probe is a high-end precision electronic hardware accessory, which is mainly composed of three important parts: the spring, the needle tube and the needle tip. It can also be called "spring pin", although the name has the word "spring", but in fact it is not a pin made of spring.wafer testing It is an electronic accessory that has a very high degree of precision, unlike springs, which are structured with springs inside. The role of the double-ended probe is more powerful, very wide range of uses, the main technology used in smart phones, computers, communications and other industries, almost all companies need to use semiconductor testing through the use of the industry market are constantly advancing its application, which has the greatest impact on social demand is the chip packaging test management industry.

1.Double-head probes suitable for products

Double-ended probes are suitable for products that require quick access to both ends of the needle out.wafer probe As the two ends can be docked with the PCB and other parts, eliminating the need for one end of the welding trouble, docking flexible, suitable for shell connectors that do not require welding, such as watch shells, cell phone audio shells. In the assembly process, it is necessary to install different springs in the pipeline in two installations, increasing the installation process of springs and pipelines, and in the mass production process, increasing the installation process of a spring will reduce the overall yield.

2. Advantages of double-ended probes:

(1) All parts are vacuum plated, hard gold plated or thick gold nickel plated. These coatings provide wear resistance, stability and good contact properties.

(2) Heat-treated needle bar to increase hardness and toughness.

(3) Compliance with the requirements of the Ross regulations.

(4) Needle bar tolerances are small, hardness is high, and the spring resists fatigue.

(5)Processed by imported lathe with small tolerance and good gloss.

(6)Precision assembled abrasives, finished product with small shaking and smooth sliding.

(7)Corrosion treatment to increase the adhesion of coating. Different materials and coating thicknesses are used on both ends of the same detector to ensure all wear resistance and durability.

In summary, the analysis shows that the double-ended probe technology has advantages in several aspects in China. Firstly, it is suitable for products where we need to develop a rapid contact society to separate the two ends of the bullet pin,probe holder and can be docking enterprise flexible for shell type connectors that do not need to be soldered. Secondly, all these parts are plated with good wear resistance, maintain a stable as well as resistance and excellent contact network performance. In addition, the needle bar has been studied heat treatment to increase lead to hardness and toughness, the needle tube tolerance is small and hard, and the spring is fatigue-resistant. The double-ended probes also meet RHOS requirements and are manufactured and machined on internationally imported lathes with tight tolerances and good gloss. Finally, through a variety of precision assembly of abrasives, the finished product wobbles little and slides smoothly. Corrosion issues are dealt with to increase the adhesion of the plating, and both ends of the same probe are simultaneously plated with a variety of different materials and plating thicknesses to ensure all of their own wear resistance and durability.

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