How to choose good stocks in the short term?

China's A-share market, most of the stockholders are seeking short and fast, so if stockholders can master the short term stock selection skills will be able to navigate in the stock market. That short term stock selection methods are very diverse, today to give you a brief introduction.

1, the capital side. If the stock has capital access, the stock will show a wave of absorption wave on the daily K-line, after which it will go sideways, if the sideways is shrinking, it means that the main funds have not yet come out, we have to do is to wait for the right time, the whole board to start, a large number of funds into the time, is a good opportunity to buy, this time the upward momentum is very strong.


2, play stop. General stop playing board are in the moment on the board to buy, the benefit is to play the board is the pursuit of popularity premium and emotional premium, but there are bad places. In case of a low opening the next day, short term funds are stopped out, then the price will be even lower

Therefore, the method of hitting the board is not that it is bad, but when the market opens up when the board opens up at the same time, this is the time to hit the board to have a high probability of winning. There are many people who choose to play the board way, mainly in case they hit the leading, may be just a few days, the money doubled. However, hitting the board is not just to see how perfect the day time chart is, and not just to see the day the first few on the board, whether this board is the first stop and become the leader, more is the various capital whether it has a preference. The success of the board needs to comprehend the popularity and heat in time, while taking into account the general market, the general market to good, to play the board to worry-free.


3, the technical side. Technically speaking, it is generally the best short term analysis method, generally are based on the average line, mainly look at the 5 day average, 10 day average, generally speaking, the stock price on the two averages, and the average line towards the top, so the operation will have a higher winning rate.

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