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Butter can dissolve the heat of chili peppers, pepper war chestnuts and a variety of spices charming flavor, and the word included in the hot pot base wonderfully unique, mellow and fragrant. In the end, in the melding with the ingredients, released a rich layer of taste buds temptation.

So what kind of butter is good? I measure the quality of hot pot butter(牛熊市) from four aspects

1. The degree of butter clumping

It is big and hard, not soft like lard. Moreover, after the hot pot is cooled down, it will still form a hard layer of oil visible to the naked eye when mixed with other hot pot base ingredients.

2. Color of butter

Good quality butter color change is not very white, yellowish bright, between the white and yellow color, without some patchy color doping, only this color butter is good quality butter.

3. The smell of butter

A good butter smells like the original fat and stink. But the taste is not even a hint of odor in the mouth, with a rich aroma, full of fragrance.

4. The taste of butter

The main role of butter is to improve the mellow taste of hot pot base. So good quality butter has a residual taste after eating, and there is not much butter left on the mouth, so it is not very greasy.

After eating butter of lower quality, you will feel a thick layer of butter on your mouth, and your mouth will be greasy and have a sticky feeling. This is because some other cooking oils are added to the butter, not pure butter, and nowadays many of them are not pure butter, and palm oil and other cooking oils are added.

The butter floats on the surface of the soup, which not only keeps the original temperature of the soup and the broth halogen, but also makes the food shiny when cooked, making it more mellow and delicious to eat on a hot pot oil plate.


What stands for the bull?

generally demonstrates fecundity, attributes of a guardian, sacrifice, chastity, and patience. Numerous components of its body, in particular the tail, foot, and hide, are also indicative of unique abilities, fertility, and land, respectively.

Why are women considered elegant?

If you want to appear classy, start by dressing in traditional designs like knee-length skirts and button-down shirts, and go for garments made of premium materials like silk and satin. Elegant women's attire is never either baggy or too tight; it always appears to be custom-made for them.

Why are there bull and bear markets?

Some people believe that the terms "bear" (for down markets) and "bull" (for up markets) come from the ways in which each animal attacks its prey. In other words, a bear will swipe down while a bull will raise its horns into the air. The movement of a market was then used as a metaphor to describe these acts.

Is Tom Kerridge a Michelin-starred chef?

In the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2018, Kerridge's Marlow pub, The Coach, received its first Michelin Star on October 2, 2017.

Can I dress nice casually in sneakers?

Sneakers are acceptable under the smart-casual dress code for both men and women as well as gender-neutral fashions. Sneakers go well with chinos, khakis, and jeans. For an even more athletic smart-casual appearance for ladies, you could even pair some skirts with sneakers.

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