Cao Cao's habit is worthy of being a hero!

Many friends who like history like to watch the Three Kingdoms, and men always like to talk about the Three Kingdoms together. The characters in the Three Kingdoms have distinctive personalities, some are treacherous and cunning, and some are loyal, affectionate and righteous, and can learn a lot of principles of life. There are also those fierce battlefield descriptions and brain-burning military strategies, which make people feel excited. The three important powers in the Three Kingdoms are the protagonists. They are Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan. These three people have different temperaments and preferences, and they also have great differences in dealing with people, so they are often compared by others.

Today we will mainly talk about Cao Cao. Cao Cao, the word Meng De. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when the world was in turmoil, Cao Cao held the emperor to make the princes, and under the name of the emperor of the Han Dynasty, Han Xiandi, he fought all over the world. It eliminated many separatist forces in the Han Dynasty, surrendered to the Southern Huns, Wuhuan, Xianbei, etc., unified northern China, and laid the foundation of Cao Wei. When Cao Cao was alive, he served as the prime minister of the Eastern Han Dynasty and an extremely human minister. After Cao Pi succeeded to the throne, he was named Emperor Wu. Cao Operation was an outstanding politician in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, and military strategists were also proficient in calligraphy and literature, and later generations called him a generation of heroes.


It's such a generation of heroes, but because of their own special hobby, they are despised by people. He likes married women, no matter who the wife is, as long as he likes it, he will take it for himself. According to the records of "Three Kingdoms", after Cao Cao took the throne of King Wei, Mrs. Bian was the queen, and the other concubines were divided into five levels, namely, Mrs., Zhaoyi, Jieyu, Ronghua, and Beauty. How many wives does Cao Cao have? Cao Cao has 25 sons, and only the woman who gave birth to him is eligible to be recorded, so we can imagine that Cao Cao's concubines must be countless.


Cao Cao is very lustful, because lust has caused many big mistakes. Cao Cao once forcibly captured Zhang Xiu's aunt Zou, leading to Zhang Xiu's rebellion. In the Battle of Wancheng, his eldest son Cao Ang, nephew Cao Anmin and general Dianwei were all killed by Zhang Xiu. But Cao Cao didn't change his style at all, and still liked to occupy other people's wives. He also competed with his son Cao Pi over Yuan Xi's wife Zhen Mi. Why does Cao Cao like married women so much?

Cao Cao loves his wife rather than his opponent's wife. Most of the widows that Cao Cao seized were the wives of his opponents. Cao Cao seized these women because of lust. Seeing these women were young and beautiful, he couldn't bear to put them to death. Occupying them can also satisfy their own paranoid possessiveness. On the other hand, they actually have their own considerations. These women are generally the wives of enemies that Cao Cao defeated. To conquer these women is equivalent to gaining the political power behind them. There are also some political considerations. Moreover, Cao Cao didn't want the widows of any family. Most of his choices were women who kept their own feet and were not interested in power, because during the Han Dynasty, there were a lot of foreign relatives intervening in politics, which was the most troublesome issue in the Han Dynasty.


Everyone has different opinions about why Cao Cao has such a hobby. It depends on his own consideration. Why do you think? Discuss in the comment section!

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