Babies with poor immunity often get sick, these 9 things, so that the child's immune system is damaged, parents should not do.

I often hear mothers around me sigh: "So frustrating! Poor immunity of children, and then sick, three head two days to run to the hospital, not to mention children, adults are also afraid! It is true that when a child is sick, the family will not feel good, looking at the usual lively baby like a fading flower, the mother is heartbroken!

Indeed, mothers want their children to have a good immunity,Parenting Station but you know what? Sometimes some of the wrong practices in the family can damage your child's immunity in a subtle way!

Give your child a long diet of nutrition.

To make the baby's body develop better, some mothers will be very enthusiastic to give the children to consume nutrition, what bottles, boxes, domestic, imported, everything ...... However, to give children to eat nutritious food, we will find that these nutritious food are very popular. A single-minded approach to nutrition for babies will not only increase the burden on children's kidneys, but will also lead to metabolic imbalance in the body and disrupt the balance of the immune system, making children more susceptible to disease.

Children are like a seedling, the best daily diet of poultry and fish, rice, fruit, etc. Do not rely too much on the market for nutrition.

Use probiotics.

In recent years, many businesses are promoting the efficacy of probiotics, leading many mothers to believe that probiotics are an ideal preparation that is "harmless to humans and animals, suitable for young and old". In fact, probiotics can indeed inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and promote the digestion, absorption and peristalsis of the infant's intestines, but there are already probiotic flora in the infant's intestines, and long-term use of probiotics will destroy the baby's own probiotic flora, which is not conducive to the improvement of the baby's own immunity.

When taking probiotics, keep in mind the 7 types of bacteria approved by the state! This medicine can only treat two diseases! Reply to the public number: probiotics for more detailed information!

Give your child medicine as soon as there are signs of illness.

Many mothers, when they see signs of illness in their babies, immediately give their children medication, thinking that this can "kill the disease in the cradle". In fact, for the common cold and other minor illnesses and pains, mothers do not need to be so anxious. Common cold medicine can not cure, the U.S. FDA believes that common cold medicine can not eradicate the root cause of the disease, and can not shorten the course of the disease, and may cause damage.

Therefore, when children are sick, they should not be light on care over treatment, and over-reliance on medication can also lower a baby's own immunity.

Like most patients, who run to the pharmacy and rush to take cough medicine as soon as they catch a cold, clinicians, especially respiratory physicians, have not done much research on cough suppression.

The love of hygiene and the frantic use of various disinfectants.

Another mother, in order to make her child less sick, used to clean the house inside and out to make it spotless, and also frantically use all kinds of disinfectants, thinking that a clean, sterile environment is better for the baby's health. In fact, the human body is a symbiotic coexistence with bacteria, proper contact with bacteria in the environment, more to promote the maturation of the human immune system. Otherwise, once the baby enters the outside world of bacteria, the immune system will soon issue an "alarm signal", which causes a variety of disease symptoms.

It is believed that children who eat more will also have a beneficial effect on their physical development.

"Many mothers think that the more children eat, the better for the body, and always like to give children more to eat. The more you eat, the better you are going to be able to eat. Especially at night, if you give your child too much food, your stomach will not get any rest at night, which will lead to gastrointestinal disorders and decreased resistance.

Nursing infants, as long as to ensure balanced nutrition, mealtime is fine, do not think that the more the baby eats, the better for the body.

Fear of children's colds, more clothes for children.

Many parents think that children's clothing pattern should be like this: adults wear two, children wear three; adults wear three, children have to wear five ... In fact, in the rapid growth and development of children, often more afraid of heat than adults, the need to use sweat towels in summer, children often have to wear. Habitually give children too much to wear, not only make the child hot uncomfortable, but also will lead to their inability to adapt to natural temperature changes, the organism's ability to resist changes in the external environment is very low.

For younger babies, on the other hand, they can wear one more than adults, while older babies can wear as much as adults, or even one less. There is no warm feeling on the neck, warm, warm, not sweating, it means that the wear is just right.

Close the windows and doors after cooling.

Winter temperature is relatively low, many families will be closed all day on the doors and windows, not allowing a little bit of cold air to run in. This can indeed make the room warmer, but a long time living in a closed space, the air will also become more and more turbid, where the density of harmful bacteria will also become greater and greater, the lighter will lead to the child's dry throat symptoms, the heavier will lead to poor breathing, upper respiratory tract infections and other problems.

Therefore, to make children less sick in winter, it is necessary to often open the windows for ventilation, and properly breathe some fresh "cold air", you can better improve the immunity of children.

Always hold the child on your chest or leave the child at home.

Some mothers love their children and are afraid that their children will stumble and fall, so they always like to hold their children in their arms or stay at home with them to play. But children who lack exercise tend to have lower immunity than children who exercise regularly. Mothers should encourage their children to exercise more, young children should often move their little arms, practice lifting, stirring, turning over or climbing on the ground; older babies can run more and jump more, and go outdoors in a good environment to get in close contact with the sun.

Regardless of the age of children, exercise can accelerate children's body metabolism, enhance physical fitness and improve children's body immunity.

Let children breathe secondhand smoke.

Among those who regularly inhale secondhand smoke, there are nine of the worst immune system is the American Journal of Prevention.

Although doing well in other areas, but with the "big smoke" at home, children's immunity will be reduced. Children who live in an environment of secondhand smoke for long periods of time have a significantly higher chance of developing bronchitis, bronchiectasis, childhood asthma and other respiratory diseases than other children. To children's immunity is higher, adults should also "keep their mouths shut" to prevent second-hand smoke from causing harm to children.

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