With the continuous advancement and maturity of technology, all walks of life have benefited from good development. Hong Kong's construction industry is booming, and many companies have begun to seek reforms and innovations, hoping to improve efficiency and save personnel costs. The construction solution is specifically designed to promote the efficiency of industry operations, ensure the safety of construction and the health of workers. What benefits can be gained by choosing this solution?

construction solution to protect the health and safety of workers

The site environment is very complicated, especially when there is a lack of effective supervision, accidents are prone to occur. If the appointment of manpower to participate in the monitoring is not only inefficient, it is inevitable that there will be negligence. The SmartWorks of the construction solution can improve the safety of construction workers. After wearing a smart helmet equipped with various sensors, an alarm will be issued when an emergency occurs or when a worker enters a restricted area. The sensor can also collect worker health information and analyze it in conjunction with site environment detection data, which can control working hours in high-temperature environments and stop work in time when there is strong wind.

construction solution to improve site work efficiency

If the project wants to catch up, most construction companies will choose to work overtime around the clock. This method not only does not improve efficiency significantly, but also causes huge labor costs. System solutions for the construction industry have more complete and professional measures, such as tracking dump trucks, standardizing management of site workers, and analyzing the collected data to optimize the plan to improve overall production efficiency.

keep the network open

In the construction industry, real-time communication is very important, especially in the site environment. If a large number of lines or equipment are to be laid, it will increase costs and take up a lot of time, because the site needs to be relocated to other locations after completing a project. The construction solution uses SmarTone's fast and stable network to quickly connect to the Internet even in remote areas or outdoor areas without fixed broadband, so that the site can keep the network open and facilitate communication between workers. When you need to move to a new location, there is no need to reset the network, which improves efficiency while reducing capital and time costs.


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