Patients with amino acid metabolic diseases will have these 5 clinical symptoms, do not be concerned

1、Intellectual lag

Compared with people of the same age, amino acid disorder intelligence is obviously to much better than people of the same age, intellectual education is reflected in the ability to calculate and learn, and memory, etc.

Intelligence is not only lagging behind the same age, there may be a decline in the form of continuous development, age, intelligence is increasingly affected by the degree of influence

2、Language effects

This will bring great disturbance to the patient's life and affect the patient's normal work life.

In the patient's behavior will also be seen in the more abnormal situation, behavior is mainly in the performance of people's mental and sports aspects.

3、Behavioral aspects

Compared with people of the same age. Sometimes there are a lot of movements and look very abnormal, but sometimes there are few movements, they stay in the corner, do not talk, do not communicate with people, sometimes talk more, talk more fluently.

But sometimes talk less, movement is slower, these are more obvious performance, and even some patients in the process of talking, to anyone is love to answer, ignore or resist these rare cases

4、Facial abnormalities

The patient's skin changes, such as the patient's hands and feet, as well as the face and neck of the patient will produce some more obvious changes, the appearance of red scaly rash.

A small percentage of patients will have sclerosis of the skin of the feet or face, and when sclerosis occurs, go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, and the patient's eyes will also be affected by timely treatment.

5、Eye condition

Abnormalities in the eyes, mainly tear abnormalities, eyes are more red, and also in a state of fear of sunlight.


Are amino acids toxic?

Some amino acids are hazardous because they can compete with protein amino acids and obstruct protein synthesis, whereas other amino acids are toxic because they inhibit enzymes unrelated to protein synthesis or because of some other chemical feature.

Is a lack of amino acids common?

Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine deficiencies that are severe are caused by the autosomal recessive neurometabolic condition known as aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency (AADCD).

Are amino acids healthy for women?

As you can see, amino acids are essential to every woman's health. And while some particular amino acids may have health advantages that are particularly beneficial, it's crucial to keep in mind that these essential components of life function as a unit in the body.

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