Come and get to know the die casting mold cost analysis report

Die casting mold is a special tool for casting metal material parts, a special tool for die casting processing process in a special die casting machine.

The main technical course of die-casting is: the metal material liquid first low-speed gear or vacuum casting fast casting filling into the concave mold of the mold, the mold has action concave mold surface, it accompanies the cooling of the metal material liquid the whole process of filling pressure calcination, both to clear the gross embryo of shrinkage loose casting defects shortcomings, also make the internal structure structure of the gross embryo to do the forging state of the crushed crystal, the comprehensive physical properties of the gross embryo to obtain obvious improvement.

In the automobile manufacturing industry, die-casting parts are widely used, especially on light weight new energy technology parts.

Die-casting mold use standard and aluminum alloy type many, today we are mainly to vertical cold chamber die-casting machine as the leading, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy material and other metal material raw material application of mold do as the goal shallow talk. Die-casting raw materials, die-casting machine, mold is die-casting production and manufacturing of the three major factors, one cannot be missing.

Ningbo Beilun called in China's die-casting mold famous town, the resources are more abundant. Before the die-casting mold factory less, there are south wide type, north of the common, in Huiwang.

The mold design production processing progress generally includes for.

Processing process profiling, progress determination, 3D confirmation, specification full inspection, internal mold 3D, internal mold undercutting, internal mold 2D, 3D assembly process, new project review, parts undercutting, parts drawings, mold embryo engineering drawings, bill of material, mold trial.

For the automotive manufacturing industry, the molds are almost all non-standard production processing, copy molds are less, thus the steps of mold design production processing are long, and the course that must be passed is also more; meanwhile the middle design and production capacity of different manufacturers vary, and the difference of machinery and equipment is also relatively large.

From the mold design production manufacturing processing process consideration, to in which the design to the process to carry out dissolution, will be cumbersome mold layer by layer peeled off, understand the real cost of the mold fee in where, for example, according to the positive direction of the calculation, understand the mold factory profit and in.

The approximate structure of the die casting mold can be divided into mold frame (mold embryo), mold core (mold kernel) and standard accessories, such as positioning pins, guide pillars, hydraulic cylinders, oil pipeline these. The main composition of the mold is this, if the precision standard of the mold is very high, then there are other parts.

Mold in the cost control can be said to be a more uncalculable part, because of the variety of parts involved, different production process match the cost are not the same; according to the different parts type and design regulations, die-casting mold design gap is also relatively large, for example, is not necessary vacuum pump; is not containing rollers; or must be used in large and medium-sized die-casting machine, so the mold specifications relative Also relatively large. This difference has caused the difference of mold design, production and processing. In addition, the selection of raw materials for the core can directly affect the service life of the mold.


Can you wax aluminum cast?

Utilize wax or oil. You can also use fine automotive wax to keep cast aluminum furniture if it has a shiny or glossy, non-textured appearance. This will aid in lowering the buildup of dirt and debris on the frame finish.

Does casting need to be vacuumed?

Vacuum-assisted casting guarantees that air bubbles in the cast resin are eliminated, producing dense, highly accurate pieces. The mold can be taken out and used again to create more exact replicas once the resin has solidified.

Is vacuum formation robust?

In various industrial fields, vacuum forming is used. On one end of the spectrum, it can be utilized to create robust, weatherproof components for large equipment.

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